Tuesday, December 28, 2004

~ Pictures ~

yay ~!!! here are some pics taken @ x'mas eve party, which i steal from nebo's blogsite... keke =D

Pretty Gal ~!!! she's casa's gf...... tat guy is casa lor... keke =D

ahahaha =D wat am i doing there ? hmm, should be asking nebo's bro to join us for the game... but he complained tat the game is boring.... lolz ~!!!
and wat is NomNom pointing at ??? hmm..... *wondering* probably laughing at edwinlcw aka ChyngWei ?

lolz ~!!! i saw a 'soh poh' with a card on her forehead there laughing... *sweat*
and nebo busy mixing the coke + chivas there...

haih ~!!! i'm regret now... i should have ask u guys to take pics with me... forgotten... since there is a camera there... sigh ~!!! old liao ~

~ X'mas Gift ~

my bf bought this key chain for me while we are searching for the x'mas gift for the gift exchange session tat i mentioned earlier on ~

nice rite ? keke =) i love it sooooo much ~!!!

cant really get to see it clearly in the pic =)

Monday, December 27, 2004

~ Any Plan ? ~

Ch3RyL paging for GALS & GUYS out there ~!!!

do u all have any plans for New Year eve ? hmm, i guess i might need to stay at home doing nothing dee =( hopefully, someone will come up with some plans... sigh ~!!!

this is a sad blog =(

anyway, still gotta wish u guys " H4PPY N3W Y34R 2005 " hmm, i hope my dreams will come true soon ...

~ No More Background Music ~

haihh ~!!! no more background music on my blogsite =( due to the 'kerosakan' of my network card, i cant surf net freely anymore... and i cant go search for nice music also... cant upload pictures, cant upload songs.... so sadz !

sigh ~!!! i switched on my pc juz now... and wanted to watch movie with it... ta ma de ~!!! it prompted me error... damn~!!! so angry ~!!! i'm fedup and lazy ~ i didnt want to fix it anymore.... sienz ~!!!

i'm now waiting for my laptop... i've participated in my company's laptop scheme... which my company will sponsor half and the rest, we will pay by installments... hmm, dunno when only i can get my laptop... hopefully very soon... then, i can online freely... yay ~!!!

say 'tata' to my background music.... i'll upload again when i get my laptop =) hopefully, soooooon ~!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

~ Christmas Day ~

hmm, i have nothing much to blog for my x'mas day actually... but nebo asked me to blog something...

my bf came to visit me on x'mas day ~ hehe =)

i woke up @ 10 something in da morning... and i wanted to get myself ready to go find my bf @ Pudu... but my housemate said, could go fetch my bf together cos they wanna bring NuNu (my fren's doggie) to see doctor... NuNu didnt get to see doctor coz the clinic is closed on x'mas...

me, my bf, and my frenz went Sunway Pyramid... wow, so many people mann ~!!! me & my bf went to eat Japanese Ramen for so-called 'lunch' @ 3 something in da afternoon... after 'lunch', we walk around to look for x'mas gifts for the gifts exchange session... wow, it's hard to get something nice @ around 15bucks mann ! and finally, we managed to get something right before we wanna leave, but of coz, they are over budget...

hahaha =D it's time for Kung Fu Hustle @ MidValley @ 11 something at nite... hmm, i think i expected too much on this movie... it's FUNNY and also BORING ~ again, i fall asleep... haihh ~!!! guess wat, quite a number of people fall asleep actually... not only ME ~

after the movie, we headed to SS2 for mamak session @ 2am in da morning... and also, it's time for our gift exchange session... lolz ~!!! x'mas was juz over only we wanna exchange gifts... haha =D the others were looking at us weirdly... not too bad, i got a 'tabung duit'... haha =D actually, i wished tat i could get the gift tat i gave away... it's a message holder and i do like it very much =( my bf got a very nice and cute cup/glass (watever ^_^')... ended up, it's mine also !!! ahahaha =D

~ X'mas Eve Party ~

hohoho ~!!! Merry X'mas ~

(guess i'm a little late for blogging this now, but nvm ~)
we had a x'mas party on x'mas eve at edwinlcw aka Chyng Wei house @ Bandar Sri Damansara... erm, casa & gf came to fetch me at my house after their dinner... i was a little paiseh tat time, coz being a huge spotlight... *blush* after fetching me, casa headed to Sea Park to fetch Kae & her fren as well...

we were at the Damansara tol waiting for fire and gang... he said tat he'll meet us there in 5 mins, but we've waited for around 20mins only they arrived... the reason is, they got to meet nebo & bro first before meeting us... cos none of us know the way to the party place...

finally, we arrived at the party place... i played is 'chor tai dee' with NomNom, casa & his gf... hmm, i lost in every round... too bad =( i got no luck at all in this kind of games... after a few rounds of 'chor tai dee', we shifted to the floor to play Uno Stacko, which i borrowed from my housemate...

*sigh* those guys were trying to bully the gals... always take only those at the bottom... i lost a few rounds, and i got to drink the 'chivas + coke' thingie... ( i was shouting for chivas b4 tat, but i was juz jokking lar... alamakz ~!!! ) after 2 or 3 shots of 'chivas + coke'... i felt tat my head was spinning dee... luckily i'm still in so called, 'good' condition... keke =D

we were playing games there, and i saw casa's gf and nebo's bro is yawning there... haha =D nebo's bro complaining tat Uno Stacko is boring, and then... we played the so-called 'bluffing' game... NomNom and the rest were busy explaining to me & nebo... but 2 of us were like, "HUH ? wat u guys talking about ?" *lol* we were bluR ~!!!

our party ended at around 3 something... most of us were a little 'drunk'... i heard tat NomNom slept right after he get into nebo's car... lolz ~!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

~ Wat to Blog ? ~

hmm, it's been a long time i didnt update my blog huh ? hehe =P i dunno wat to update le ^_^"

after work yesterday, i went 'yum char' with my colleagues at the mamak next to my office... and my senior joined us for the 'yum char' session... and they decided to go Matrix @ Phileo Damansara for pool session, so i went Matrix with them as well... they ordered beer and i ordered Long Island Tea (i dunno wat is tat actually ^.^)... i was there watching them playing and chit chatting with them... quite relaxing =)

hmm, i sleep quite 'early' for these 2 days... since the laptop i'm using all the while was returned to my fren, and the stupid network card of mine already spoilt... so, i got nothing better to do except go to sleep earlier at nite =(

my fren told me tat she has booked the ticket for Kung Fu Hustle for me... hehe =P yay ~!!! i got to watch tat movie with my bf dee, as i promised him earlier... =) so happy ~

and now, i juz got back from 'work' not long ago... i went seminar again after lunch today at Sunway... tat seminar should starts @ 2.30 noon. i went Damansara Uptown for lunch with my colleagues and our supplier. the time we left tat restaurant, already about 2.20pm. i tot we can actually reach Sunway in 15 mins, but i'm so 'naive' ~ lolz ~!!! me & my colleague were stucked in the jam for 1 hour before we can reach Sunway... *sweating* the seminar finish @ 5.30pm... again, we got stucked in traffic jam... at 6.30pm, we are still in Sunway... *sweating*

hmm, dunno wat to blog dee... since there's nothing special happened to me these days...

tomolo will be x'mas eve dee... so, wat is ur plan ? anyway, wishes u guys

~ Merry X'mas & Happy New Year ~!!! ~

Sunday, December 19, 2004

~ A Visit To My Uncle House ~

juz back from dinner... hehe =)

i went to find my brother at Cheras at noon... after meeting him at lrt station, we went Maluri Jusco to had our lunch ~ Nandos again ~!!! i juz love their grilled chicken... hehe =) i went Nandos @ KLCC yesterday with NomNom... and today, i went again... i'm Nandos lover ~!!!

after lunch, went around Jusco to buy my baby cousin (2 months old) and his sis (2 year old) some clothes... walao eh ~!!! i spent around 70bucks again ~!!! for those baby and kids clothes... i really BROKE this month... *sweat* got to skip lunches and dinners dee... lolz ~!!! can help me slim down also... keke

finally, we saw our new borned baby cousin... hehe =) so chubby and cute ~!!! too bad, i dun have a digital camera, else i'll take his pics for u guys to see... and my cousin sister... lolz ~!!! still as cute as last time... she has big eyes, small mouth... must be a leng lui when she grow up ! she was so shy to come near us at first... then, later... she played masak-masak with me and my bro... hahahaha =) so funny...

hmm, i guess tat's all for today... i really need to return this laptop to my fren dee... although my pc now is with me, but WTF ~!!!! my network card is not functioning !!! damn ~!!! i need to go lowyat to get myself a new network card baru i can online again... chamz ! but i got no time to go lowyat le ~ =( everyday working...

my wish for today... "i hope i can get a network card as soon as possible, so tat i can online"

~ Getting Well Slowly ~

i'm getting well slowly after taking the super expensive chinese medicine (the most expensive medicine i've ever bought *sweat*)... FYI, the chinese medicine i mentioned is in capsule form... not those got to cook one (u guys watch too much of HK movies) alamakz ~!!!
now my cough lesser dee... but once a while, my throat will itchy also... lots of phlegm (is the spelling correct? i'm bluR... ) sigh ~!!! now i cough till my waist area (right side) also pain... got to bow OR bend a bit when i cough... why like dat huh ? damn ~!!!

went KLCC with NomNom today... thank you, NomNom ~ for accompanying me... he is always my good brother... but hor, he said something which hurts me today... so chamz ~!!! Nom, my small little crystal heart broke dee !!! =( u no longer my good brother for this week !!! s4dz ~

hmm, hopefully... all the sick people can get well soon lar... go see doctor when u sick ~!!! AND remember to take ur MEDICINE ~!!!

~ Get Well Soon ~

Saturday, December 18, 2004

~ Blue ~

here are some images which i got from a forwarded email...

i think they are nice, so... wanna share them with u guys... 3nj0y ~!!!

do u think they are nice ? XD

i juz wish tat they are in a bigger size, so tat i can set them as my desktop wallpaper... too bad =(

Friday, December 17, 2004

~ X'mas Joke ~

ahaahahaha =D i think this is funny...

poor santa... hahahaha ~!!!

hehe =D i registered another account at www.photobucket.com ~!!! i can now upload more pics... keke

~ Haihhh ~

attended 3 seminars these few days... s13nz ~!!! some of the topics are quite interesting... some are boring ~!!! they are sales trainings... telling you how good is their product... how bad is their competitor's product... haih ~!!! boring ! they should have find a better speaker to give us the training... the speaker read from the power point slides straight away, he was like giving lectures... OMG ~!!! i've left schools and colleges years ago... and now, i'm back to lectures again... like usual, i fall asleep... again ~!!! i wanna write something or do some notes also cannot, cos he read exactly from the slides... wat should i write huh ? eating candies and sweets also cant ask 'Mr. Chow' to go away now...

cos the cough i'm having now, i am eating sweets non-stop... OMFG ~!!!! strepsils -> hacks -> strepsils -> hacks !!! now my 'lelangit' also hurt dee... damn ~!!! all my colleagues keep on asking me to take MC... i wish too ~!!! but, can i ? i started working 2 weeks ago, and i've been coughing for a week, can i take 1 week MC ? i think my boss rather 'goreng' me... 'MEE GORENG' satu ! lolz ~!!! and i'm now afraid tat my colleagues will get infected because of me le ~ *sweat* me the one got blamed =( another colleague even threaten me, ask me better get well by Monday... else, nobody will be dinner-ing with me during our company's celebration dinner... so chamz ~!!! i went to buy chinese medicine, and u guys guess how much izzit ? it costs me 60bucks ~!!! i dun have so much cash with me tat time, and he tell me tat they received CC.... haih ~!!! my 60bucks gone... :'( sigh, no choice... me coughing like hell dee... my fault ~!!! tat guy asked me whether i smoke and or eat chili.... i looked at him and smile... i didnt smoke, but i eat a little bit of chili... and i tell myself, i'll stop eating from now...

tell u guys wat... my fren told me tat NuNu (my fren's doggie... NOT casa, k ?) is coughing also, because of me again ~!!! omg !!! i think i better jump from the window lar... suffering ~!!!

it is Friday nite today... so pity ~!!! nobody ask me out and no where to go... lolz ~!!! sick till like tat dee, still think of going out... very boring ma ~ nothing to do here... except online and sleep ! nothing much to do online-ing except spamming in freddi's spamming board... and LYN is down now... b0r1ng ~!!! hmm, i guess i got to continue my reading then... "MEN are from MARS, WOMEN are from VENUS"

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

~ IMAX ~

yeah, i went to Imax at Time Square for The Polar Express after work with my bf (yea, he came KL for meeting and to see me... so sweet) yesterday. my comment is, the 3D is damn nice mann ~!!! and i bet most of you here wouldnt want me to tell more bout the story of The Polar Express... so, i better shut my mouth up =) it's 20bucks per ticket, and u may get 3bucks discount IF you are a DiGi user...

after movie, went Kah Sou Restaurant (behind JW Marriott)... first time i been there, the food is very nice and the price is quite reasonable too... i heard tat this restaurant is famous, maybe u guys should try out one day...

my bf brought my stuffs which i left in Penang to me yesterday... my room now is quite messy... hehe =) i dunno how to arrange my stuffs also, got to be headache again *sweat*

i have lots of dirty clothes in my laundry basket now =( i hate doing laundry myself... hmm, since i'm going back to Ipoh this weekend, i think i'll juz bring them back to Ipoh... throw them into the washing machine and it's done... keke =D am i clever ? lolz ~!!!

sigh ~!!! i'm still coughing madly now... my colleagues even asked me to take MC, cos they scare they'll get infected... ahahaha !

there will be a celebration for our company on next Monday at JW Marriott... hmm, i'm wondering wat kind of dinner is tat... we got to prepare a gift, which is atleast 10bucks... WAT SHOULD I BUY ? panty or domdom ? ahahaha ~!!! wat can i get with 10bucks ? OMG ! someone pls suggest me something.... TQ in advance =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

~ Something to Share ~












[I LOVE YOU] means i really care for you... say it out but not to expect the return or anything...

[I LOVE YOU] is because there is a pure thoughts... that was hoping this magical 3 words... can bring you happiness and futurity... and because of having such pure thoughts... ppls which have true heart to a person. give out all their courage to tell : I LOVE YOU...

~ Suffering ~

shit ~!!! my throat now is soooo darn pain mann ~!!!! HELP ! i dowan to suffer anymore ~!!!

actually, i planned to go to see my company's panel doctor yesterday during lunch time... but, i didnt go at last... cos i felt much better already, besides still coughing... and NOW ??? darn ! pain like hell now... *cough cough*

i missed Portugese Grill Fish so much ~!!! i missed Fried Chicken so much ~!!!

i cant drink MILO for my breakfast today, there goes my breakfast... wat else i can put in my mouth for breakfast ? i got not much choice, i only have MILO and NESCAFE here =(

sienz ~!!! later my boss will give us some training on sales report... then, later... our supplier will come to our office to say HELLO (this is wat my boss said in his email)... then, later... dunno wat to do again... hmm, i think i dun have much chance to sp4m here today.... haihhhh ~!!! got to attend seminarssssss tomorrow and the day after... so boring le ~ definately i'll fall asleep... i hate SWEETS but now, i got to eat them... juz to keep me awake !

oh yeah, my mom is goin to HK today... and till now, i dunno wat time her flight is... am i a bad daughter ? hehe =) i'll sms her afterwards, hopefully... she havent depart yet... and of coz, i hope she'll buy me lots of stuffs.... kekekeke =D

okie lar, got to get myself ready to work ! see u guys around ya ~

Sunday, December 12, 2004

~ Neway ~

i received an sms early in the morning, "Plz wake up if u wanna follow us to time square, we need to reach there by 11am." lolz ~!!! my fren aka housemate, Phoebe sent me tat sms... i was quite blur at tat time... wondering, "huh ? wat is tat?"... then, later i remember tat she mentioned tat we are goin to sing K today... then, i went outside and saw everybody were awake... so paiseh ~!!!

it has been a long long time tat i didnt go karaoke dee... hehe =P a little excited, although i dun really 'sing'...

our booking at Neway is from 11am to 1pm actually... by the time we reached there, already 11.30am... i had something called, Japanese Brinjal Rice for my lunch... hmm, quite nice mann ~!!! cos i LOVE brinjal a lot... hehe =P my frens all singing there, so syiok... and they asked me, when u dowan to sing ? haha =D cos of my SEXY voice, how to sing ? i cant even talk properly... chamzzz ~!!! but i sang without the mic... quite fun actually, with whole bunch of frens there... 8 of us went there =)

then, we went over Sg Wang... walk around for around and we headed to our favourite cafe, Coffee Bean... AGAIN, is at LowYat Plaza... we chat bout cars, engines (which i dunno anything bout it)... cos there are 2 experts bout cars there... we left around 5 something after tat...

quite tiring, maybe cos i didnt had enuff rest/sleep last nite... hehe =P

~ GC Gathering ~

my blog title for 'yesterday' (cos now already 4 something in the 'morning') is exactly the same with eRiCCa's blog...

yeah, woke up at 10 something in the morning, and i was a little excited... cos there will be our GC Gathering @ noon... had my lunch with my frens at SS2, then they dropped me and Tmn Paramount LRT station... eRiCCa smsed me saying tat she'll go to the gathering as well (cos earlier on, she said she's lazy dee)... yay ~!!!

yea, our gathering was @ 3pm @ LowYat Plaza, NONE of u guessed tat, rite ??? ahahahaha =D it's Kylie's idea... cos she said, u guys will never guess tat we'll go LYP... muahahaha... so, anyone of u went A&W @ USJ to peep at the gals ??? hehe

yea, our gathering supposed to be at 3pm, but i was late... when i reached TimeSquare, already 3.20pm. it was raining quite heavily and the traffic is DAMN jammed (none of my business actually)... i was hoping there is someone waiting for us, but... haihhh ~while i was on the way, they (the gals) smsed me saying tat they will be late...

i met rourou at Time Square, when i wanted to go there to get myself an umbrella... so, we went LYP together (she has an umbrella with her!)... and guess wat ??? WE are the earliest to reach there... OMG ~!!! we looked at each other and dunno wat to chatz about... ahahaha... finally, purplegal aka Sharon arrived... and later on, eRiCCa arrived too... hmm, already around 4 something tat time... haihh ~!

we wait wait wait ~~~ wait wait wait ~~~finally, cutepenguin aka Cathy arrived too ! and kae and hayanna aka Rachel arrived... we took pics, and chit chatz there... too bad, we didnt really have much topics to chat about... maybe cos we are NEW to each other... but the gathering was FUN ! eRiCCa left us earlier cos she wanna buy her aunty something... and we left at around 7 something... maybe u guys wanna look at the pics now... but, those pics are with Cathy... go ask from her !!! hmm, she said she might do some 'touch up' on the pics... ahahaha =D later la, i'll post when she sent me... be patient ~

after the gathering, i went to meet a fren at Kelana Jaya and had dinner at Ming Tien ~ i suggested to go clubbing cos i'm boring... we went Wangsa Maju to fetch NomNom and we went BarFly... met rourou and her gang of frens there... hmm, not bad la... nice musics, but a little crowded... had some beer and tequila pop, which is only 5bucks, cheap huh? ahaha

sleepy and tired now, and my voice is now like Cecilia Cheung... sexy ~!!! lolz ~!!! wondering how am i goin to go karaoke with my frens in the afternoon later...

it's time for me to take my cough syrup now... and i guess, it's time for me to sleep too...

Good Nite !

Friday, December 10, 2004

~ * Cough * Cough * ~

haihh ~!!! i'm feeling better, but coughing now... sienz ~!!!

i hate coughing... once i cough, sure will torture me for weeks... no matter wat medicine i try, cant help and cure... teruk lar ~!!! for sure i cant sleep well, from today onwards... damn ! i hate it ~!!! *cough*cough*

juz came back from dinner + supper... so so so boring to stay at home =(

i bought WOODS cough syrup from 7-11 when i'm on the way back, hopefully it helps...

this laptop gonna be return to my fren tomorrow... so, no more online session for me here... HELP ~!!! wat my life will be without online-ing ? eh, someone plz borrow me ur laptop lar... i'm so chamz le ~ plz lar...

i went Time Square to meet Ericca just now... she told me she's there and i was at Hang Tuah at tat time... so, i juz went over to meet her... lolz ~ !!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

~ Poor Gal ~

hmm, it has been few days i didnt blog anything... well, my life is juz like normal... working life, nothing special =)

i had sore-throat since yesterday... maybe cos i ate too much of CHIPSMORE... i really got nothing to do in office, so i bought some sweets and chipsmore to make myself not to fell asleep... ate a smallest packet of chipsmore in 2 days... ahaha =D tat's the reason i'm having sore-throat now... early morning yesterday, i was juz jokking with my frens... i said, "i'm tired... just wish tat i can on MC for one day... to rest and sleep at home..." who knows ??? i really kena... i should go and buy 4D mann ~!!! *sob sob*

i went MidValley with my fren after work yesterday... i brought him to Oasis food court for the 'Portugese Grill Fish'... so nice mann ~!!! again, this is wat makes my throat getting worst, i guess... went around to search for some office wear again... atleast i got something which i've looking for for quite some time, but my purse got a BIG hole dee =(

i was so darn tired when i reached home... then, suddenly... that 'stupid' thingy bug me again... i miss home, i miss my family, i miss my bf, i miss.... so many things... my tears juz dropped... my head was like going to burst, and my throat getting more pain... i cant talk properly and loudly also, cos will sore-throat... pity me =(

when i've get myself ready to work this morning, i was sitting there thinking whether i should call my boss to take MC or not... but, i still went to office at last... went to Equatorial Hotel for a CISCO seminar... again, is sooo boring ~!!! maybe cos i know nothing bout CISCO product, tat's why... i was 'fishing' there, and i ate FIVE candies(sweets) in 4 hours... darn ~!!! i hate sweets ~!!! but no choice, to avoid falling asleep and hoping they will help my throat also... the seminar ended at around 1 something in the afternoon, had my lunch there and i made a call to my boss... luckily he allows me to go home... *yay* i can go home to get some rest and sleep...

took a nap and get some rest just now... i'm a little hungry now, but i dun feel like eating... no appetite ~! hopefully, i'll get better later... i guess i dun need to go and see doctor... but do i need to show a MC to my boss or the management people tomolo ? err, nvm lar... i think my boss can settle for me... *wishing*

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

~ I am Down ~

as i mentioned in my previous post, i'm unhappy today...

one of the reason is tat 'stupid' thing bugging me... arghh ~!!! s4dz !!!

another reason is because of my buddy, Phoebe... she is going to work in S'pore next month... before i come KL, she always advice me to come KL to work... and now ? i'm here only for a few days, and SHE is the one who gonna leave KL soon... so sadzz ~!!! =(

me gonna be alone liao... no one to share with when i am happy and sad =( no one to 'yum cha' with me =( no one to shopping with me =(

hopefully she will come back to KL often... i gonna miss her a lot =)

but of coz, i wish her h4pPy w0rK1n6 in S'pore... do come back often ~!!!

~ Life Goes On ~

"I Can't Get Out of It, but Life Goes On"

i already let it go month ago, but somehow it bugs me again recently... it is kind of feeling... it's hard and difficult to describe it...

does it really disappeared before this? or it is still running and spinning in my mind ? i do not have the answer... i need more time maybe...

Life Goes On... Ch33rs ~!!!

H4V3 A N1C3 D4Y, dud3 !

Monday, December 06, 2004

~ Fall Asleep ~

OMG ~!!! i fall asleep in office today... i just feeling sooooooo sleepy for the whole day... maybe cos i slept late and woke up early nowadays...

nothing much for me to do in office... cant do much surfing on internet, but i did 'curi-curi' to sp4m here when my boss not around... lolz =P read... read... read... and read some notes which my boss gave me, regarding some techniques of doing sales... looking at so many text, surely i'll fall asleep... i didnt drink water today, but i went toilet for about 3 to 4 times in the MORNING... juz in the morning... *sweating* (wondering where the water come from...) i juz wanna make myself walk here and there... so that i wun be tat sleepy... and the receptionist must be thinking "why this gal always go toilet huh? weird ~!!!"

not much of my colleagues were in the office today... pity me =( but luckily they came back around 4 something in the evening, atleast got someone to chat with... then later i went outside to buy Nescafe, Chipsmore and some Kopiko, feel much better after i finished the Nescafe...

i dunno when my boring time will come to the end... boss said we better dun go to find any sales yet, since we are totally NEW in sales... hmm, better follow our seniors out for few times first, only we go by ourselves... and got to attend some sales training later... wondering wat should i do for these few weeks in office ? takkan sit there doing nothing everyday...

sienz ~!!! help ~!!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

~ X'mas Coming ~

yay ~!!! X'mas is coming sooooon ~!!! Santa Claus is coming to town alsooooo ~!!! i've changed the background song to a x'mas song... hope u guys will like it !

although i'm not a christian or catholic, but i just LOVE to celebrate x'mas... i like to listen to x'mas songs whenever and wherever i go, will NEVER get bored with x'mas songs... they are just N1C3 !!!

hope u guys who is going to celebrate x'mas will 3nj0y very much ~!!!

God Bless You

~ M3RrY ChR1StM4S & H4PPy N3w Y34R ~

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

~ First Day of Work ~

hiya ~ i'm back from work finally...

there are totally 5 new staffs including me... not bad, get to know more people... and atleast there are people to accompany me, not so scare... haha =D 2 more gals and 2 more guys... among 5 of us, 2 of them was doing sales previously...

first day of work, not bad actually... HR Manager gave us briefing on this and tat whole day... err, kinda boring but luckily the manager is kinda funny and good guy... hmm, guy ? or should i use 'man' ? watever ... i went lunch together with 4 of them... nothing much for us to choose at tat area, only malay food... which i'm quite scare of... but no choice !!! after lunch, went for briefing again... CEO's turn to speak to us for 15 mins... hmm, he's nice guy too !!! friendly and also funny... lolz ~

after briefing, HR manager brought us walk around the company... it is very big actually... i nearly lost !!! lolz ~ and he introduced us to the manager of each department... sooo 'paiseh'... after tat, we were told to go to our own department to look for our boss... bla bla bla ~~~ then, my boss brought us (me & another new guy) around and introduced all the colleagues which are related to us... "Hi, i'm Cheryl...", "Hi, i'm Cheryl...", "Hi, i'm Cheryl..." i said this for more than 100 times i think... cos there are lots of staffs in tat company... and we only get to meet 80% of the staffs there, i guess... some are not around, some went out for sales, some went for meeting...

after meeting everyone, was already 5.45pm... i sat at my place doing nothing cos my pc is not set up yet, and my boss went out for meeting... waited for 15 mins, then i leave the office... i didnt walk to LRT station today... but i asked my new colleague (the new guy) to drop me at Hang Tuah station, since he's going to Sg. Wang... hehe =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

~ The Pug, NuNu ~

as requested by daijoubu...

here, i present.... NuNu ~!!! NuNu is my buddy, Phoebe's 'son'... lolz ~!!

NuNu in his shirt...

NuNu in jersey...

you guys see his face ??? looks so chamz... but hor, he very notti one... dun get conned by his face... ahahaha =D

another one...

last one ~

is NuNu cute ??? hahaha =D

~ Tiring Day ~

i woke up quite early today, at about 8 morning... cant continue sleeping after tat, dunno why *wondering* izzit because i'm nervous ? erm, i guess not... but i dunno why... quite tired le, cos i online till almost 3am last nite... ~ Thank You, Phoebe ! ~ cos she borrowed me this laptop... so tat i'm not soooo b0r1ng, and doing nothing at home...

i was online-ing in my room... when i went out to the dining room, i saw NuNu was trying to escape from his 'house'... scare me *sweating*... and my frens are not at home, only me alone... i was thinking if he really came out, i got to locked myself in the room till my frens came back from work then... luckily ~!! i managed to fix his 'house', so tat he cant climb out from there... but... but... but... i'm still scare ~ !! i quickly get myself ready to go out and leave the house... sigh ~ !!! why i afraid of tat small little dog so much ??? useless ~

okay, my fren told me tat the nearest LRT station from my place is Taman Jaya... i went out and took a cab to Tmn Jaya... unexpectedly, it's quite far from here actually... and it cost me 5 bucks for the taxi fare... then, i took the train to KL Sentral from Tmn Jaya...

okay, here my journey starts, which i'm goin to do it everyday to work... walked about 5 mins from KL Sentral to monorail (KL Sentral station)... bought 50 bucks pass, which i can avoid the long queue in future... yeah, bout the darn card... the quality and the design is so 'cheap'... it is exactly the same with those normal pass... sigh ~!!! yeah, freddie is rite... the fare from KL Sentral to Imbi, HangTuah & Maharajalela station is RM1.60... and it takes me only 6 mins to reach Imbi... i did noticed bout the distance from Maharajalela station and Hang Tuah station to my working place... i didnt see any bridge across Jln Maharajalela... if i get down from Maharajalela station and walk to my office *sweating* i guess it would be a problem for me to go across Jln Maharajalela since it's a VERY BUSY road... it's quite far though, but there are lots of shop houses along Jln Maharajalela... hmm... i still think tat it's more convenient if i walk from Hang Tuah station to my working place... although it's still a little farrer (i'm confused with spelling, hehe =P) compare to Maharajalela station...

i had my lunch with my cousin, Evie at Sg Wang... then, i dragged Shinchan to go Time Square with me... "Shinchan, paiseh ah... dragged you out to accompany me..." hehe =) met Shinchan at Time Square... then, we went to eat ice-cream... lolz ~!!! Shinchan bought me ice-cream and want me to finish it... waaaaaaaa~ he treat me ice-cream when i wanna on-diet... BAD Shinchan !!! somemore FULL cup of ice-cream !!! H3LP ~!!!!! anyway, wanna say THANK YOU to Shinchan for the ice-cream and the time he spent to accompany me...

here's the pic of the ice-cream i ate... taken by Shinchan =)

although it's fattening, but it is soooooooo D3L1C10US !!! hehe =)

tired ~!!! after walking a while at Time Square and Sg Wang... Shinchan got to go back early, cos he is goin for Japanese Buffet for dinner... i walked around Sg Wang myself for a while and went KL Sentral to wait for my frens... wah... so many people was waiting at the monorail station... it was around 5pm tat time, no wonder... i got to wait for the 2nd train only i managed to squeeze myself in... somemore worrying tat there are idiots who like to 'pok mong'... shit ~!! there was this guy (dunno bangladesh or viatnamese or wat) trying to push me while i'm entering the train... his stupid and dirty hand was touching my butt !!! damn him !!! i swing his hand off... idiot ~!!! i juz wish tat i could scold him, but it was too packed tat time ... no time for me to think also =(

dinner time has arrived, and i decided to skip my dinner for tonight... cos i ate too much ice-cream... haha

Monday, November 29, 2004

~ Kuala Lumpur ~

yeah, i'm now in Kuala Lumpur...

tiring ~ !!! went shopping at MidValley today... sigh ~!!!! there goes my salary =( no choice, i got no proper clothes to wear to work on Wednesday cos i used to wear shirt and jeans to work in my previous company... walked here and there... tried this and that... and finally found something which i can wear to work... thank God ~ !! why ? cos me sometimes quite choosy when come to clothes... must really find something which i really like then only can buy, else... i'll just leave it hanging there without touching it... wat a waste !!!

oh yeah, my frens kept a pug, his name is NuNu... Scary ~~!!! i'm afraid of dog !!! *sweating* tat doggie ah, very the clever... he knows tat i'm afraid of him, and now he always want to scare me... but hor, he's a very cute dog... keke =) his face always look so innocent and pity, but actually he's very naughty... hope tat i can get used to him faster lar, and i dun need to hide here and there to avoid him anymore... pity me !!! lolz ~

Friday, November 26, 2004

~ Last Day of Work ~

today will be my last day in this company... actually, my last day should be on next Tuesday(30/11/2004), but since i'm heading to KL on Sunday, today will be the best day...

i feel a little 'heavy-hearted' to leave this company actually... cos i can online, chatz, listen to mp3, play games, and do watever i want here... this job is so syiok, rite ? gonna miss it, but i will still leave ...

err... wat should i do on the last day ? yeah, backup all my stuffs in this pc... i gonna miss this computer a lot... i just wish tat i can bring this pc back home... haha =D cos my pc at home, 'lauyah' like grandfather... *lol* it's time for me to get a new pc for myself dee, but...... haihh ~!!! i think i need to format this pc before i leave today, cos too much of my 'private' things inside... later the new guy see my stuffs here ??? chamzzz !!!

i will miss the mamak downstairs, although i'm quite sienz of it... i gonna miss their maggie goreng !!! and the curry !!! and the rendang !!! their curry and rendang are D3L1C10uS ~!! now u guys should know how & where i gained my weight *sweating*

Thursday, November 25, 2004

~ Cute Piggie ~

there's a cute piggie on the coin purse i mentioned in the previous blog... i actually had a handphone accessory which got tat cute piggie too...

i love tat piggie !!! they are sooooo CUTE ~

here's the pic... cute le ~ !!

a pic which has both of the piggie... the sisters ~

~ Lunch Time Today ~

i went Perangin Mall for lunch with my colleague today... quite a lot of people there nowadays, maybe cos it's school holidays now...

hehe =) i get myself a coin purse juz now... it's cute !!! here's the pic ...

took another pic of an anemone when i visit a new opened fish-shop juz now...

nice rite ? i wanted to make myself a salt water tank long time ago actually... i did research for the prices and everything, but didnt work out lastly... so sad !!! i started to love them, since i've watched 'Finding Nemo'... they are real nice... maybe i'll reconsider it again when i found a perfect place to stay in KL... hehe =)

~ What Am I Doing Here ? ~

wat am i doing here ? it is 2.50 in the morning now...

i'm tired !!! but dun feel like sleeping... but sp4mmed each and everyone's blogsite... and also, finding a thread which i can sp4m in LYN... but sadly, i CANT find any... sienz !!!

erm... feeling a little nervous since 2 days ago... thinking of my 1st day goin to work... wat should i bring on the 1st day ? wat should i do on the 1st day ? wat should i wear on the 1st day ? wat time should i leave the house on the 1st day ? who am i goin to have lunch with on the 1st day ? ahahaha =D siao liao ~ i'm feeling NERVOUS ! really...

i'm using "~ F33L1ng N3rv0us ~" in my nickname in MSN... and each and everyone keep on asking me, "why u feel nervous ? getting married ka ?" muahahaha =D u guys real funnieeeee !!! nothing to ask dee ? except getting married ? pening with u guys !!! and i got to explain, explain and explain... *lol* but i really want to thanks all of you for being so 'caring'... THANK YOU ~

ya ! finally, i found my lovely book, "Men from Mars, Women from Venus"... i couldnt find it for weeks... i missed it sooo much =( i thought i've lost it dunno where... luckily, i saw it in my bag when i was packing my stuffs... keke... sooo happy !

err... i guess it's time for me to go 'oi oi'...

nitez !!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

~ Headache ~

aiks ! there's this 'anonymous' keep on asking me to upate my blog... reason given ? cos i spam her/his blogsite... ahahahaha =D makes me headache, and i'm now scratching my head to think of some special things happened today...

erm, something interesting... again is, the CH4TZ with the gals in GC... muahahaha =D with the same gang of gals, m3, purplegal, hayanna, kae and another 2 sp3cial gals, my dear eRiCCa and GC's mod, kylie !!! finally, they managed to join us for today's chatting session... again ! interesting topics to be discussed (cannot tell u guys this time), everyone is getting high and excited... ahahaha :D and i cant stop laughing sometimes... these g4Ls are terrible and notti (including m3 ?) !!! well, i guess i wun be so boring and lonely when i go KL next month... cos i have TH3M !!! yahoo ~~!! hoor4y ~~!! our G4Ls RoX !!!

something might not be happy ? hmm, i need to pack my stuffs again later... still have 30% of my stuffs are not pack yet ! i dunno how to pack them also... real headache when come to think of it ! well, i'm excited to go KL... but when i think of shifting... PENING !!! H3LP ~~~!!! i have not much time left, since i'm leaving Penang on Sunday... really got to pack them ASAP...

anymore ? err... erm... yeah, I'M HUNGRY now ! it is 7.45pm now... i had roti sardin for my lunch... there goes my diet plan !!! darn ~~~ !!!

going back home now... update again later.... if i have some !!! hehe =)

just back from shifting my stuffs to my bf's house... tiring ~ now his room packed like shiat... ahaha... my stuffs are here and there !!! headache ~

Monday, November 22, 2004

~ Wedding Dinner ~

i'm back from KL !

i was told tat it was just a buffet before tat... so, i didnt bring any dress to KL... so, i end up wearing denim skirt and shirt to the wedding dinner... haha =D so paiseh !!! but most of the guests are from some kampung area... so, there are still some people who are not wearing very nice... lucky me !!!

the wedding dinner was held at xxx Templer Golf Club, somewhere near Selayang... the hall was decorated grand-ly like a 5 stars hotel ballroom but the food served, so so only... there was a karaoke session, where many uncles and aunties went up to the stage... *sweating* but some of them really can sing very well =)

the bride very pretty le, and the bridegroom quite good-looking also... can be called as PERFECT MATCH ~
/Ch3RyL so envy... keke =D

Sunday, November 21, 2004

~ Back for Good ~

Nice song !!! and meaningful lyrics !!! i love it !!!

Take That used to by my favourite boy band during school time... a friend of mine was their fans last time, and she told me bout Take That =)

~ Back for Good ~ by Take That

I guess now it's time for me to give up
I feel it's time
Got a picture of you beside me
Got you're lipstick mark still on your coffee cup
Got a fist of pure emotion
Got a head of shattered dreams
Gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now

Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong just tell me the song and I'll sing it
You'll be right and understood

Unaware but underlined I figured out this story
It wasn't good
But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory
But that was not to be
In the twist of separation you excelled at being free
Can't you find a little room inside for me

Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong just tell me the song and I'll sing it
You'll be right and understood

And we'll be together, this time is forever
We'll be fighting and forever we will be
So complete in our love
We will never be uncovered again

Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good
Whenever I'm wrong just tell me the song and I'll sing it
You'll be right and understood

~ 3nd ~

okay, gals and guys... u can download Back for Good here if you want to =)

3nj0y !

Saturday, November 20, 2004

~ Ring Ring Ring ~

hehe =) i bought a ring 'yesterday' (since now already 2 in the morning)... nice ? i found it quite special lor... although it is juz a 'cheap' ring...

one is mine and another one is... (guess urself la, keke)

Friday, November 19, 2004

~ Girl's Chat Room ~

we gals, CupidCupid aka Ch3RyL, purplegal aka Sharon, hayanna aka Rachel and Kae in GC (Girl's Club) had a chat room in the afternoon just now... too bad, eRiCCa and kylie were offline during our 'exciting' chat tat time...

i never think of, these gals really 'talkative' (hmm, is this the suitable word to use ?)... we chat from clubbing to men, men to s3x, s3x to puzzle, puzzle to marriage, marriage to cars, cars to job, job to bf and etc... wow ~ we can really chat about ANYTHING !!!

i really had a good time chatting with u gals, i felt tat i'm 'young' again *lol*

i can't wait to see u gals in the GC Gathering... then, we can chat and gossip again...HAHA =D hmm, hope to see u gals soon...

S4Y0N4R4 for now !

~ New Chat Box ~

finally, my another new chat box is done on my blogsite... i've spent almost an hour to get it done and make it nicer... how stupid i am =(

and now, it is ready for u guys to sp4m... feel free to sp4m.. haha :D


Thursday, November 18, 2004

~ Boring Day ~

BORING ! this is the word i can use to describe my day today...

i have some work to do actually... but i'm lazy and dun feel like doing them... no choice, still have to get them done... this job needs me doing the same thing again and again everyday... it is boring ! i guess i really need a challenging job, which needs me to crack my head sometimes, walk here and there, ask and talk to him or her... this kind of job shouldnt be that boring... hopefully, my new job has all the requirements and i will love it...

i was searching for forums and blogsites to sp4m for the whole day... nothing much i can do besides sp4mming to make my day not that boring... *lol* LYN is quiet nowadays, not much interesting topic and not much forummers loging in there recently... as for blogsite, the 'stupid' tagboard is not working for 2 days already... luckily, freddie came up with his sp4m board... atleast, we still have a place to sp4m, not sooo boring... haha =D THANK YOU, freddie ^_^

something happy to share... i played Solitaire Showdown with 'someone' in MSN just now... i am so 'leng lui' and he is so 'leng chai'... haha =D (you know who are you and you know what i am talking about lar... kekekeke) my fren, let's play again next time, ok ? will i be so 'leng lui' all the time ? hopefully... ahahahaha =D

i just finished packing 70% of my stuffs, i'm tired ! i'm now wondering how should i shift those things to KL... well, i can bring only my clothes to KL next week... for the others, i will wait for my frens from KL come back to Penang... then, ask them to help me to 'transport' my stuffs to KL... i'm afraid of shifting, really ! i've shifted twice when i was in KL last time... it is really tiring and terrible =( *sweating*

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

~ 朋友 ~

朋 友 , 是 你 高 興 時 想 跟 他 分 享 的 ,
朋 友 , 是 你 不 高 興 時 可 以 給 你 發 脾 氣 的 ,
朋 友 , 也 是 在 你 沒 錢 開 飯 時 打 救 你 的 ,
朋 友 , 你 悶 得 發 荒 時 可 以 跟 你 一 同 發 荒 的 ,
朋 友 , 會 甘 願 給 功 課 你 抄 , 跟 你 一 同 出 貓 一 同 被 人 罰 ,
朋 友 , 也 是 你 買 手 信 時 , 想 買 一 份 大 的 給 他 的 ,
朋 友 , 也 是 你 看 見 他 上 線 時 , 想 給 他 " 喔 噢 " !

朋 友 就 是, 即 使 是 一 點 小 感 動 , 一 點 小 事 情 都 想 一 起 分 享
朋 友 就 是, 當 你 抱 頭 痛 哭 的 時 候 , 扶 著 你 肩 膀 的 那 個 人
朋 友 就 是, 當 你 面 對 人 生 挫 折 時 , 一 直 緊 握 你 那 雙 手

~ New Job ~

something to update =)

finally, i got the offer letter from MCSB... so, i will start work on 1st December 2004.

see you gals & guys in KL ya ~ and wish me LUCK for the new job :)

thank you !

~ My Hair ~

hmm, i've permed my hair weeks ago... 'someone' might be wondering how my hair looks like =) (you know who you are lar) okay, this is a pic of my 'new' hair style... keke :P me kinda like this pic also, a bit 'sexy'... muahahaha *lol*

NBTD, too boring in office ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

~ My Boring Holiday ~

holiday has over... during the holiday, i spent most of my time watching tv, online, crapping, eating and 'yumchar' with my frens... really boring ~ sienz ! sigh, gain some weight edi, gotta on diet for weeks again... :( this is why i hate holiday so much...

LOL, my bro has a computer in Ipoh... we always fight for it when we both go back to Ipoh at the same time... wat to do ? nothing to do at home except online... and this week, me kena scolded by him few times... cos i wanna online and he wanna do his assignment... wat a bad sister i am... muahahaha =P

hmm, did went out for window shopping session and yumchar session... i went JJ (Jaya Jusco) with my frens, who i usually hang out with when i'm back to Ipoh... the TWINS ! *lol* we wanted to go for bowling session actually, cos long time didnt play edi... but wat da, it was temporary closed ! darn... and we ended up window shopping and went Coffee Bean before we left JJ... and guess wat ? i went JJ 5 times in 3 days... real boring ~ cos no where to go... =( *sob sob*

here are some pics taken at Coffee Bean...

Coffee Bean (the ONLY one in Ipoh)

my drink, Malibu Dream... it's a banana blended, if i'm not mistaken... quite nice =)

me and my buddy

another one... (me smile like 'soh po' )

and last one, the TWINS !!! do they look alike ? hehe =P

~ Pic, Picture, Pictures ~

here are some pictures to share... not my pic tho... but 3nj0y !

hmm, RO player should know wat is this...PORING !!! it belongs to my bro, somebody sent it to him... a gal probably.... muahahaha =D

my birthday present from NomNom =)

another pic...

another birthday present from rourou =P

clearer pic of the little bear bear inside...

my MASHI MARO given by my bf before my convo... Cute, rite ? hehe =P

part of my soft toys, some are in my hometown...

some bottles i've collected so far...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

~ ISC ~

it has been a long time i never step into Ipoh Swimming Club, which used to be my 2nd home during school time. i learnt swimming there... i learnt badminton, table tennis, tennis, squash, and even taekwondo there... other than tat, i also made many friends there =)

i went to the club for swimming today... not so many people there cos it is raya holiday, and i believe most parents bring their children go for vacation... luckily there are not many people, only i dare to go swimming... i only swam 5 laps (100 metres per lap) for around half an hour, and i'm sooooo tired. and lastly, i gave up since the rain started...

i took my bath and waited for my mom, she was playing table tennis... i went into the reading room and read the newspapers. darn, so cold ! i left the reading room and i go watch people play table tennis.

suddenly, i saw a fren of mine, Darren who has already lost contact for years. he came back from S'pore for the holiday... i am so happy to see him, hehe =D we used to tuition together last time, and he drove me to tuition too =D he is a SMART, INTELLIGENT, NICE and FRIENDLY guy... proud to say, he is a GOOD swimmer too... LOL, wat a good decision i've made to go swimming today... atleast i get to meet him today... hmm, wishes him ALL THE BEST & HAPPY WORKING in S'pore...

i received my cousin sister's sms just now... she told me tat her problem with her boyfren has already solved. i'm so so so glad to hear tat... me here wishes them HAPPY FOREVER ~

~ Boringzzz ~

sigh ! wat a boring weekend ~ really cant think of anything to do =( except watching tv at home... as u know, astro Wah Lai Toi actually have no interesting programme to watch during weekend... haihhzzz !!! i still prefer Hong Kong series, which only shows during weekdays *sob sob*

i went my cousin's place to overnight last nite =) she's real sad and need someone to accompany her cos of she has some problem in her relationship with her boyfren. hmm, hope everything will be FINE lar... no matter wat happen, i'll be there to support her alwayzzz...

yea, took some pics of my b'day presents... ahahaha =) i cant post it now cos those pics taken with digital camera, and the size of the pics are kinda big... i need to resize them first, before i post it here... since this PC of my brother here has no Adobe Photoshop, i guess i can only resize them when i'm back to Penang.

one thing bothering me is, the HR haven't call me =( i'm now wondering whether me actually get the job not... why HR never call me ? without them calling me, i'm not confirmed yet... hiahhh !!! i called them on Friday, but no one answer the call... i think i got to call them again on Wednesday... i wish tat i REALLY get the job... WISH ME LUCK ~

haihh, tot of going to swimming afterwards... but it's raining now =( hope the rain will stop very soon... frens asking me to go 'yum char' tonite... but, i'm a lil' tired and lazy, hehe =P maybe cos i didnt really sleep well last nite...

Friday, November 12, 2004

~ Long Holiday ~

yay ~ i'm goin back to my hometown, IPOH after work today =) hmm, will be a tiring trip... although i'm used to travel here and there since 5 years ago... sienz !

hmm... wat should i do during the 4 days holiday ? should i plan something ? well, wat i know which is goin to happen is... i will meet up with my cousins who are back from KL ... hmm, wat else ? watch astro at home ? clubbing ? pubs & discos in Ipoh are BORING ! no leng jaiz and leng lui to see, no good music... sienz ! hmm, go swimming ? yeah, Sunway Lagoon in Ipoh is officially opened ! i hope tat my frens are free to accompany me there... wondering how will it be ? something like Sunway Lagoon in KL ? aiks, i never been to Sunway Lagoon yet... sigh =(

can somebody suggest me something to do during this holiday ?

i dun like long holiday actually, is so boring... no where to go, nothing to do... one day holiday will be juz nice...

Help ! Help ! Help ! boring ...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

~ Garden Fiesta @ Gurney Plaza ~

went Gurney Plaza juz now and wow ! found tat there is a Garden Fiesta there... lots of nice cars showing there =)

here are some pics of the cars... NICE CARS, but bad quality of the pictures =( too bad, i dun have a camera phone :(

BMW Z4, my favourite car and it is RM404K
/me fainted


Impul, i like the design of this car ...
very special =)

~ Birthdays On November ~

November is a birthday month to me. My birthday fall on November and many frens of mine are celebrating their birthday on November too. hehe =P

Okay, here i am to send them my birthday wishes...

2nd November
Happy Belated Birthday to Phoebe Cham Sin Yee
(SORRY for being late)

9th November
* My Birthday * =D

10th November
Happy Belated Birthday to Sharon Tang aka purplegal
(SORRY for being late)

11th November
Happy Birthday to Chelsea Tan Siew Ling
Happy Birthday to Keane Chow Kin Mun

14th November
Happy Birthday to Sean Chua Kae Sean
Happy Birthday to Boon Peng
(Happy Birthday in Advance)

~ Happy Deepavali ~

Ch3RyL here wishes people who celebrate Deepavali, Happy Deepavali =)

it is 2.45am now... early huh ? since tomolo is a public holiday, so... doesnt matter if i sleep late... but i still need to wake up early, cos i need to go over to my aunty house. Her daughter, my cousin gave birth to a baby boy last month... so, today will be his FULL MOON...

hehe =) i get to see my nephew later on ... hoping to take some pictures with him too =P

i think it's almost time for me to go to bed now... Nitez !

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

~ Ch3RyL's BiRtHd4y ~

i'm a bit NBTD today... juz wanna post some pics here =P

this is ME ... took this pic this morning, with 'Siu Fat' (izzit called 'Smiling Buddha' ? i'm not so sure...) hehe :P u can actually see my 'juz-woke-up' face and i'm NOT a good poser though

this is another card given by my lovely cousin, Evie ... NICE and CUTE huh ??? hehe i like it soooo much

another pic of my 'hong kai dan' (red egg ?)... It's given by my dear boyfren =) funny huh ??? kekekeke

*updated at 5pm* at Secret Recipe for lunch, at around 3pm =P

Royal Chocolate Cake *yummy*

Lasagna *yummy*

*updated again* hmm... went dinner with boy2 at around 8 something... NO pics taken cos it's quite dark inside the restaurant =)

after dinner, went for movie at 10.10pm, Manchurian Candidate =) hmm, the story of this movie actually is not tat bad, but there are lots of talking...

Monday, November 08, 2004

~ My Gr34t3sT Birthday Present ~

yay ~ juz received a call from MCSB juz now... guess wat ??? they asked me to start work on 1st December ... sooooo, i'll be heading to KL soon... woooohooooo !

tomorrow is my birthday actually... err, me actually didnt plan to mention bout my b'day here today... but, i'm soooooooo happy now... keke :P and tat call is one of the greatest b'day present to me this year ... THANK YOU ~

CONGRATULATION to myself and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself again in advance ... *muacks*

hehe :D here are some PICS of a Birthday Card which my 'kai sai lou', nebo 'sent' me...

nebo, THANK YOU ! *muacks*

~ How Do I Live ~

yay ! finally i got a pic of my lovely handphone ~ it's not really 'powerful' as other phone though, but i like it very muchhh ... it has no camera, no bluetooth, although i hope to get a camera phone soon... but HOW DO I LIVE without YOU ??? i seldom make phone calls, but i do SMS a lot =P My life will be damn bored without you...

wat a coincident, my hi-fi now is playing the song, HOW DO I LIVE ... soooo niceee !

here is the pic of my lovely phone...

can u see the accessories on my phone ? ya, the BIG love... i bought it from S'pore... and the Small Potato pillow, my best buddy, Phoebe gave it to me ! nice huh ??? haha :D and did u all notice teh wallpaper i'm using on my phone ? is the Guess? wallpaper, which i mentioned in my very previous blog,
~ Sexy Wallpaper ~

Sunday, November 07, 2004

~ Ding Dong Song ~

LOL, i dunno wat is goin on in LYN... but i saw this, "oh, you touch my tralala, mm my ding ding dong." everywhere... honestly, i dunno wat it means actually, but i found tat it's real funny... and i like the song too... keke :D


ok, and here's the lyrics again... ENJOY ~

~ Ding Dong Song ~ by Gunther

oh, you touch my tralala,
mm my ding ding dong.
la lalala lalala....
Oh, you touch my tralala
la lalala lalala....
mm, my ding ding dong.
la lalala lalala....

Deep in the night
i'm looking for some fun,
deep in the night
i'm looking for some love.
dedededeep in the night
i'm looking for some fun,
deep in the night
i'm looking for some...

You tease me,
oh please me,
i want you to be my lovetoy,
come near me, don't here me,
i just can't get enough of you boy.
[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse]

you tease me,
oh please me.
i want you to be my lovetoy. come near me, don´t here me,
i just can´t get enough of you boy.

[Repeat Chorus Till End]

~ Caller Ringtone, My Valentine ~

suddenly feel like wanna get a caller ringtone for my phone... i dun really like it actually... cos whenever we call someone, we can actually predict tat when it will go into Voice Message, so tat we wun be charged on tat... but now ? when we call a person who is using a caller ringtone ? we CAN'T predict anymore... hmmm, i dun care liao... only people who call me will get into my voice message if i didnt answer, i'm not the one paying for tat also... haha :D selfish huh ? *lol*

hehe :D i've activated the service and bought a nice song, "My Valentine" by Martina Mcbride... this song is soooo 'lum' mann... *imagining & dreaming*

so, who wanna listen to this song ? call me :P and of cos, i 'might' answer ur call...

okie, here's the lyrics.. .

~ My Valentine ~ by Martina Mcbride

If there were no words, no way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears, no way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

All of my life
I have been waiting for all you give to me
You've opened my eyes, and shown me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart until the end of time
You're all I need my love my valentine

(La la la la la la la)

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
Cause all I need is you my valentine
Oh, you're all I need my love my valentine

Oh My Godzz !!! i juz LOVE this song ... gonna go search for the polyphonic tone as well...

"My Valentine", I LOVE YOU !!!

~ A Visit to Fishshop ~

Visited a fish shop, called Fishshop which is located at Perangin Mall on Friday... took 2 pics of the fishes with my fren's T610...

Nemo ! haha :D
No no no, it's not Nemo.. it's a Tang fish... but i used to call a tang fish as Nemo... keke :P

small little starfish... so cute :P

i wanted to take more pics, but a gal shouted at me, "There's no camera here...", "Whoops, I'm sorry..." Malu-nya... but then, my fren laughed at her and said, "There's a camera here..." *lol* so syok !