Sunday, February 27, 2005

~ Oh No ~

Oh Nooooo ~!!! i 'm not in a mood to update my blog le ~ i'm sooo lazy !!!

hmm, not much things happened to me recently ... tat's y, not much things to update here too !!! ahahaha ~!!!

first thing, i cut my hair SHORT !!! real SHORT ... it's as short as, i cant tie my hair up anymore... my bro said i look like a 'soh poh' (which he always say i am) ... but me myself think tat i look like a 18 year old school kid ... ahahaha !!! juz my hair, k ? can u imagine ??? hmm...

last thing is ... i went Cameron Highland yesterday with my family... i hate the weather now... d4mn !!! it's d4mn HOT !!! sweating like dunno wat everynite ... i juz wish tat i have a air-con now... or juz give me another FAN !!! it's soooooo cold & windy in Cameron... I LOVE IT ~!!! didnt go anywhere actually... didnt visit any farm, any garden or any park ... coz went there not long ago ... juz stay in the hotel, eat in the hotel & sleep in the hotel ... but before we leave Cameron today, went to do some strawberries & tomatoes shopping... HAHA !!! it's sooooo cheap mann !! i mean the tomatoes... and soooooo DELICIOUS too !!!

hmm... took some pics in Cameron ... and my short hair too !!! will post later ... coz the camera is not with me now... BE PATIENT !!! lolz

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

~ Hie There ~

wow !!! it's been a week i didnt update my blog... hehe =D Oops, forgotten !!! ME here wishes everyone GONG XI FA CHAI & HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY ~!!!

actually, nothing special during the CNY also... like usual, i got to help my mom and grandma in the kitchen early morning... from New Year Eve to the 3rd day of CNY... pity me *sob sob* no choice, i'm the only grand-daughter who can help them in the kitchen... then at nite ? watch tv and also gamble with all cousins... i'm the olderst among them, but ME the one being bullied... i got NO luck in gambling... sigh !!!

me and my secondary school classmates had a small gathering at a restaurant called Moven Peak... tat place is quite nice actually... i suggested tat place, and guess wat ? we met lots of our schoolmates there too !!!

this is a pic we took during the gathering.... see !!! so many leng luis !!! except me =(

p/s: the pic is a bit pixelised coz i resized it using Paint...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

~ Gong Xi Fa Chai ~

Ch3RyL here wishes everybody,

GONG XI FA CHAI ~!!! and get more ang pows !!! (in advance...)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

~ GUESS? ~

hey fren, i'm now looking for a handbag...

i dowan to use the same handbag everyday... sienz !!!

give me some comment on which of the following is nicer ???

pink ! i like the design, but kinda hard to match with baju huh ? i mean the color... and got to hand carry... US$70 *sweat* expensive !!!

black color... easier to match but too normal... US$55

haihh !!! i found these @ GUESS? website... i hope i can get it in KL as well... *praying*