Monday, December 25, 2006

Lose Weight !!

I want to lose weight ~ I want to lose weight !!!

hate seeing the fats on my body, when standing in front of the mirror ... i dislike my fat arms, i dislike my fat thighs ...

dear, i know u will be unhappy to see this ... haha

me say say nia ... have no consistency to do so one ... dont worry

X'mas Day, a Merry X'mas to you !!!

oh yea ... i'm spending my day, x'mas day @ starbucks ...


woke up EARLY, @ 7 something this morning ... feeling tired & sleepy actually, but couldnt sleep, no matter how hard i try ...

LONELY X'mas ... no doubt ! But i'm glad that i did had some fun hanging out with my colleagues and friends on x'mas eve, @ Gurney Walk.

Colleague invited us to her house for lunch this afternoon. Had some very nice indian curry chicken & fish, shrimp, & turkey, not roasted but sambal turkey. Very nice & smooth turkey, 1st time i've tried such smooth turkey.

May everyone HAVE FUN & HAVE A BLESSED X'MAS !!!

* tata ! *

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Early Wishes

Here comes my early wishes, as i couldnt update my bloggie often ...


~ !! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! ~

Dear friends,

Have a Very Merry X'mas party yea !!! Enjoy ~ !!! ho ho ho ...

With Love,