Saturday, August 26, 2006


my darling is here with me this weekend ...

happieeeee !!!

MISS YOU, darling


LOVE YOU too !

THANK YOU darling ...

i am having a great time with you

Thursday, August 24, 2006

.. a BAD day ..

my tyre puncture last nite ... saw it after my gym session, at 11pm ... luckily i am able to reach my friend to help me switching the tyre to the spare one ...

kinda easy to change a tyre actually, i am sure i can get it done by myself next time 靠自己 !!!

Thanks, Wayne (if you are seeing this )

and just now, my 4 months old shoes (wore it for less then 5 times) broken, at the minute i stepped into my company compound, right after the guard house ... luckily i do have a pair of slippers in office ... else, i will have to be barefoot


went to the workshop to repair my tyre, but too bad ... my tyre became very thin cos i still drove the car which was in tat condition for some time ... i have to change the whole tyre, and fixed the rim ... my $$$ is gone

Thursday, August 17, 2006


好痛 !!!
不知怎么的, 牙齿里面哪觉得好痛 !
我想, 大概又是 "智慧牙" 的关系吧 ...
今天特地请了半天的假期, 想要去看看牙医 ... 哪知道, 都 fully booked ...
什么都没做到, 也没得睡迟一些, 早上在家也还得开电脑工作

Monday, August 14, 2006


最近, 同事借了我这部台湾连续剧, "天国的嫁衣" ... 听过这戏名好几次, 终于有机会看了.
它, 比我想象中好看... 帅哥, 美女也没几个 ... 可是, 它的故事情节真的很感人 ... 毕竟, 电影里的故事, 在现实生活里, 是超难实现的 ... 那, 就只好看戏吧 !

在看这部连续剧时, 我竟然了 ... 而且, 还是无数次 (countless time) ... *摇头*

很感人的故事, 很痴情的三个男女主角 ...

故事的结局, 让我很矛盾 ... 一方面, 很希望原来的一对会有完美的结局 ... 另一方面, 又希望他和她会因他的痴情而真的爱上他 ...

为什么结局不能是三人都在一起呢 ? 哈哈 ! 我是傻了吧 ...

Friday, August 11, 2006


I am sick, again ...

我, 又生病

可能是太累了吧, 没有足够的休息 ... 加油 !

Monday, August 07, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stupid ? or Un-Reasonable ?

I felt strange when I enter the company compound this morning, saw the guard checking a colleague's car boot, and the gal was standing by the side of her car.

Oh actually, the security guard will have to do a checking on the car & bags before the car leaving or going out from company's carpark. Even some of the companies are doing a very detail checking on employee's car I understand the purpose of doing so, because there are some 'kecurian' cases happened before.

Until I heard my colleague mentioning that there is this new 'rules', the owner of the car or someone from the car must get down to open and close the boot, no matter there is a thunderstorm or raining or under a hot sun before stepping out of the company's compound.

Isn't it stupid ???

The 'rule' was set because some people complained that the guard smashed the boot hardly. Really, some of them really do not give a damn and just bang the boot. For my car, everything can be seen without opening any door, but still they want to 'cari pasal' ...

Colleague told me that the guard asked her, "What position are you in ?" when she went out this afternoon. It makes me even mad at them and the management ...

"What the f*ck are you bothering what position i am in ?!!??!"

"Does it means that you are not checking my car if i am a director ???"
"Does it means i dont need to get down from the car if i am a senior manager ???"
"Does it means that the posiblility of a low-level employee being a thieve is very high ???"

Getting very disappointed with the management ...

Always making 'troubles', but not finding the root of the problems and thinking of a solution to solve them ...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

tired ...

My boss went for business trip to S'pore for a week, but seems I am even busier now compare to when she is around. Colleagues said I am silly, cos being sooooo hardworking only when boss is not around ... lol

Sigh, what else ? Cleaning people's shit sigh ...

Overtime ! Overtime ! Overtime ... even SK II also couldn't 'repair' my getting 'chan' face dee ...

Tired, need to go on vacation to relax my mind ...