Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Feelin' Lazy ...

i am skipping body combat class for today ... feeling extremely lazy to go to the class and feeling tired ... actually, i do not know how come i like body combat class so much ... ermmmm, maybe is because i used to learn taekwondo when i was young, and i do know bout those 'fighting' skills, Eg, punch, chop, side kick, back kick, etc ... everytime after the class, i will be all wet, like i just finished my shower, sweat dripping non-stop, my shirt & pants are wet, and my face will be RED, like an apple ...

Lazy ??? but still i am working OT today ... boss is going on vacation next week, but she passed me a task today, need to be completed by tomorrow morning ...

端午节快乐 !

端午节又到咯 !!!

以前的我, 由于胃痛的关系, 都不怎么吃种子 ... 可是, 近年来都吃到超好吃的种子, 渐渐的喜欢上它了 ...

身在别地方工作的我, 其实已好久没吃到外婆亲自做的种子了 好想念哦 !!! 以前家都会有好多好多的种子吃, 近几年都没什么了. 家里除了爸爸喜欢吃之外, 妈妈都吃不多 ...

前天买晚餐时, 看到了种子, 口水流了, 就买了一粒试试看 ... 我才知道, 原来是不便宜的, 小小粒, 就要 3 块钱 ... 昨晚, 屋主给了我一粒种子, 今天来到公司, 同事也带了一粒给我 她们真好 !!!

祝你们, 端午节快乐 !

p/s: 不要吃太多的种子哦, 好好照顾身体 !!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Movies Movies Movies

Quite a number of nice movies showing in the cinema now ... Da Vinci Code, MI-3, X-Men, Over The Hedge and Poseidon ... These movies are the one which i wanted to watch very very much ...

Da Vinci Code, i've bought the book actually ... but only started on a few pages, not even 5 pages if i'm not mistaken ... ermmm, have to spend more time on the book ... but lately, my time is occupied with HK series too bad, my imagination is not tat strong, have to watch the story, other than imagining while reading the book ...

MI-3 ... most ppl, or i should say 'girls' watching it because Tom Cruise is starring in this movie ... well, Ch3RyL is not exceptional ... think back, i dont think i've ever watch any movies starred by Tom Cruise ... hmm, i really have no idea 'now' ... other than tat, i like the music of Mission Impossible ... and i am expecting some action scene which will make me stun ... but i've heard some review from friends, "Dont put too much expectation on MI-3..." well, let's see ...

i think i will go for DVDs for all these movies ... * waiting * for the clearest version of

dearie is tied up with his schedule, cant wait for him to watch with me ... or maybe we can watch the dvds together, IF he has the time ...

Friday, May 26, 2006

~ 新 ~

新衣, 开张了 ~~ !!! 新鞋, 也开张了 ~~ !!!

不过, 脚有点痛 ... 太紧了吧

不明白, 为什么新鞋总是会把脚弄痛 ?

还有, 老板今天没进来公司 可以不用那么的压力, 但 ... 还是有东西需要赶给她 ...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Me to You


"I Love You .... No matter what."


每逢星期三晚, 我都有 body combat 的课 ...

昨天晚上就故意早一点到那里, 本想只是去查查看我拿去修理的电话 ... 查了过后, 走着走着 ... 就走进了"巴帝倪" 的 Concept Store ...

其实, 大减价早就有了, 只是之前都没看上任何东西 ... 可是, 却偏偏给我在 "文西" 看上了双鞋, 而且还是 50% 打折呢 !!! 我的 size 完了, 可是小半号的, 我穿得刚刚好 ... 想了想, 还是决定买下了 ... 到 "种子" 那部门看看, 又给我看到打折 50% 的上衣 ... 随手拿了两件, 付钱 还好都有打折

我啊, 是 "文西" 及"种子"的粉丝, 很容易就会看上它们的东西 ...

回家本想到楼下看看有什么 CD 可买来放在车上听 ... 谁知, 反买了 3 套短片, 2 套连续集, 却没买半块的 CD ... 又花了 43 快钱 ...

穷了 !!! 不得了 ... 女人啊, 就真的是购物狂

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

生日快乐 !

Chyng Wei,

你又老一岁了, 有什么大计 ???

别说我没心, 已传你短讯祝福你, 现在更为你部落了. 欠我一餐哦 ! 哈哈哈 !

你啊 !!! 不要在让家人及朋友为你操心了. 你应已懂得如何处理一些事情 ... 成熟点吧 !

祝你, 梦想成真, 事事顺利 !!! 还有, 早日寻得你的"梦中情人" ...

生日快乐 !!!

送你一个蛋糕 ...

能看不能吃 ...

Friday, May 19, 2006


最近的脾气好差劲 Image hosted by !!! 小事情就回容易感到不开心.

也许是我的大姨妈要来探望我了吧 !

星期五了, 心情一点也没好过. 很多人都很期待星期五的到来, 可是我一点都不喜欢.

一个人的周末, 好没什么好做的 ... 一个人的周末, 没什么地方好去的 ... 一个人的周末, 吃什么也无味道 ...

看来, 我真的需要学习如何面对孤单, 学习如何面对寂寞 ...

也许, 我就是个差劲的人 ... Image hosted by

Thursday, May 18, 2006


i'm having a headache now ... HELP !!!

can someone pls slap me to death now ??? can someone pls tell me what should i do now ???

NO panadol pls ... panadol cant help !!!

and i dont like to take drugs ... hmmm, i need alcohol maybe ...

i am sorry ... forgive me !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You know ...


You know how much I MISS YOU
You know how much I LOVE YOU
You know how much YOU meant for ME



Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Challenge

BUNGEE JUMP is something which i wanted to try long long time ago, my dream !

heard from NuNu, the nearest Bungee jump is at Koh Samui.

And now, we can actually do it in KL Image hosted by

Let me get myself ready for it ... My heart is getting smaller, when my age is growing Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting i'm old ...

G-Force X anti-gravity ride

睏 !

好眼睡啊 !!! Image hosted by

昨晚 '煲戏' 到大概 12 点多 ... 正看着 '我师父係黄飞鸿' ...

评语: 好笑 !!!

虽然"华丽台"在播, 可是我房间没 astro, 只好看下载的咯 !

Monday, May 15, 2006

What Kind of Girl Friend You Are ?

saw this test at Hazel's bloggie :

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

The below is my result:

Steady Supporter

Stand by your man — that's just something you naturally do. Once you've committed to a relationship, you are a constant companion who enjoys the comfort and stability that comes from being a couple. Not quick to judge, accuse, or think the worst, you have a lot of trust (in him and in yourself), and you rarely worry about where he is or who he's with.

For you, mutual respect is of utmost importance. You are comfortable and confident in your own skin, making you a great pillar of strength in all your relationships. Whether he's striving to climb a mountain or land a promotion, you have his back. Best part is, you know he's got yours too.

Home Sick

i miss Daddy ! i miss Mommy !!! i miss my Brother too !!!

i went home after i showed parents the way heading back to Ipoh ... and i start looking for something for myself to do ...

books, dvds, works, laundry, etc ...

i have something to do actually, but i just feel lazy to do those things ...

sat there, and dont feel like doing anything ...

suddenly, tears came out ... Image hosted by

i miss my home ... i miss mommy's cooking ... i miss the days we went for breakfast every Sunday morning ... i miss the days we went for a walk at the park ... i miss the days playing badminton, table tennis and tennis with my parents & my bro ... Soooooo many things !!!!

Parents in Penang

Spent the weekend with daddy & mommy at Penang ... they came to Penang for a badminton tournament actually, playing this inter-club badminton tournament ...

i postponed my KL trip, since parents is coming to Penang ... and dad wants me to be their driver when they are in Penang Image hosting by Photobucket

they stayed at Cititel Hotel, and i managed to get the corporate rate for the room, at RM135 and normal price is RM150 per room ...

Not wrong ! being their driver all day Image hosted by sent them to the hotel, sent them to the sports club, and also brought them to look for food ... not too bad, cos they usually eat at the club ... but dad ate alot when we went to the hawkers, especially char koay teow Image hosting by Photobucket

it's been some time that i didnt accompany them, even since i started working ... when i go back Ipoh, they will be even busier than me ... i wont be seeing them most of the time, and i will be staying at home watching astro alone ... Image hosted by

i hope they enjoyed the Penang trip ... atleast, i spent my day accompanying my mommy during the Mother's Day ...

Mommy, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (belated one, although she cant see this, but still ... )

Friday, May 12, 2006


卫塞节, 大部分人都会大被盖, 睡得七晚八晚的 ...

我这条可怜虫, 可是要七早八早就要起床, 然后去上班
Image hosting by Photobucket

没上班的人, 你们就好啦 !!! 羡慕死了 ...

anyway, HAPPY WESAK DAY !!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What is your Japanese Name ?

Do you know what is your Japanese name ?

Take each letter of your name and substitute it with the japanese sound below to the right of the letter ...

Here you go ...

* A- ka * B- zu * C- mi * D- te * E- ku * F- lu * G- ji * H- ri *
* I- ki * J- zu * K- me * L- ta * M- rin * N- to * O-mo *
* P- no * Q- ke * R- shi * S- ari * T-chi * U- do * V- ru *
* W-mei * X- na * Y- fu * Z- zi *

CHERYL OOI TZE WEI - Mirikushifuta Momoki Chiziku Meikuki Image hosted by

What is yours ???

气死我了 !!

七早八早就被人气到了 !!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

臭老姨 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (好不尊重 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ) 驾车驾那样慢, 还死不让人家超越她 ! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 当我超越她时, 还按响笛 ! 他妈的 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

别怪我不尊重她老, 要人尊重她, 她也须做好个榜样 ... 不是"老"的就能欺负"嫩"的 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

好了, 脾气发完了, 可以回工作岗位了 ...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

为什么 ?

W H Y ?

when something is working very well and very smoothly, something will just happened ...

What's Your Lucky Charm ?

When i was browsing through Phoebe's blogsite, saw this small little test ...

What's Your Lucky Charm?

My lucky charm is a Four-Leaf Clover !

Take this test at Tickle Even if you're not from the green isles, you just might share in some of that luck o' the Irish. The four-leaf clover is your lucky charm. Druids used four leaf clovers to see evil spirits and friendly fairies. If you start seeing magical things however, we recommend laying off the clovers for a while. In fact, you don't even need to possess the actual clover.

A necklace, pendant, key chain or tattoo promises the same good fortune of the ancients. Take note brides and grooms - the mere dream of a four-leaf clover foretells of a successful marriage. Actually finding one might mean quadruplets.

Find out what is yours here, What's Your Lucky Charm?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bloggie with New Template

yay !!! FINALLY, my blog has a new template ...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sweet Love Story

Two butterflies were in love.

One day, they decided to play Hide n Seek. During the play,

Boy Butterfly: "A small game within us."

Girl Butterfly: "OK"

Boy Butterfly: "The one who sits in this flower tomorrow early in the morning. That one loves the other one more."

Girl Butterfly: "OK"

Next morning, the boy butterfly waits for the flower to open so that he can sit before the girl butterfly does.

Finally, the flower opened. What did he see ???

The girl butterfly had died inside the flower. She stayed there all night, so that early in the morning, as soon as she sees him, she can fly to him and tell him how much she loved him.

This is true LOVE.



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

心灰意冷 + 失望

对于某些事情, 某些人 ... 开始有些心灰意冷 ...

不想了, 重新生活 !!!

管他呢 ?!!??!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Drinkz

RHUMBA has no long available at Starbucks ... used to be my favourite drink, a must for me to order whenever i go to Starbucks ... is either i dont order anything, or no more rhumba chips, then only i'll choose something else ...

saw BANANA MOCHA at the menu board, a little expensive compare to others ... but it's YUMMY !!! it tastes better then my expectation ... hope they won't stop selling it so soon ...

give it a try ... hope the other outlets wont disappoint you ~