Saturday, October 29, 2005

~ Deeparaya ~

a kinda long holiday is coming very soon ... felling tired of going to work everyday, real tired ! dunno why ...

it's been a long time tat i didnt update my blog, cant think of anything to update as nothing special happened to me ... LIFE IS SOOO BORING ~!!! go to work everyday, come home from work everyday, sleep ... nothing much i can do after work though ..

i'm planning to drive back to Ipoh on Deepavali day, hoping not too much cars on highway ... sad thing is, i'm working on Monday and there's a shut down in my company on Wednesday ... shut down means i was forced to take a day off, and one day of my annual leave is gone ~ a long holiday, nothing to do at home other than watching astro whole day long ... hmm, did thought of going down to KL again .. wanna go SHOPPING and main reason is, i miss KL so much ... *sob*

time passes so fast, i've been working in tat company for 3 months already ... yeah, 3 times ... probation period should be overed, but still i have not receive any confirmation letter from the HR yet ... hmm, they forgotten ??? or they do not wan to confirm me yet ? no idea ... WORK HARD !!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

~ Something Meaningful ~

朋 友

朋 友 , 是 你 高 興 時 想 跟 他 分 享 的 ,

朋 友 , 是 你 不 高 興 時 可 以 給 你 發 脾 氣 的 ,

朋 友 , 也 是 在 你 沒 錢 開 飯 時 打 救 你 的 ,

朋 友 , 你 悶 得 發 荒 時 可 以 跟 你 一 同 發 荒 的 ,

朋 友 , 會 甘 願 給 功 課 你 抄 , 跟 你 一 同 出 貓 一 同 被 人 罰 的 ,

朋 友 , 也 是 你 買 手 信 時 , 想 買 一 份 大 的 給 他 的,

朋 友 , 也 是 你 看 見 他 上 線 時 , 想 給 他 " 喔 噢 " !

Sunday, October 09, 2005

~ Nephew ~

my nephew is 1 year old today ... his parents (my cousin's sister) had a birthday party for him ...

here are his cute cute picture !!!

Cute Cute NEPHEW
cute boh ? cute le ...

Baby, Khaw Kai Yuan
look carefully .... does he looks like someone ??? Image hosted by