Saturday, April 30, 2005

~ a FUN night @ BarFLY ~

suddenly, this gang of people say wanna go BarFLY on Thursday, since tat day is a Ladies Nite... and of coz, i wun miss out !!! at first, i tot there will many of us are going, who knows ... everyone FFK at the last minute. Still ..... NomNom & Freddie is the most SPORTING one ... forget bout the others ... sigh >_<

we planned to meet up at BarFLY at 8pm, and i left office at around 7 something ... damn ! it's so jammed mann ~ and this STUPID Ch3RyL went into the wrong way ... hmm, should i blamed Freddie ? i called him, wanted to ask him which way should i turn, but he didnt answer my call ... so sad ! and i ended up, went into the wrong way, and i need to make a BIG BIG BIG turning to turn back to the right way.

yay ! i reached BarFLY finally ... hmm, not many GALS there ... but i saw GUYS !!! quite a
number ... was a little excited at first *blush* , but CHEH ! no leng chai ... so, i join Freddie & NomNom for POOL !!!! i LOVE pool nowadays ... thou i'm not good in it, but i learn ! and i drank a little of beer ... Oops, i didnt had my dinner before i went BarFLY ... was a little worry tat i'll get drunk very fast ...

okay, here comes out RouRou ... then, we headed to the bar to get our FREE DRINKS !!! *yay* there are a few choices there ... BRANDY, WHISKEY, TEQUILA, GIN, COCKTAIL, VODKA and etc ... the most cheapskate one is COKE !!! muahahaha ... who will be so silly to drink COKE there ??? hmm... i think there is ... and guess wat ??? we saw a LENG CHAI, the bartender ... rourou was so excited to see him .... muahahahaha !!! the ONLY leng chai in the BAR !!!

after a few round of pools (which i no longer can walk real steadily), me and rourou still insist to go and get few more glasses of drinks ... when we were there standing waiting for 'someone' (the leng chai bartender, of coz) to serve us the drinks, 2 guys and 1 gal standing there ... wow ! the gal is so cool ... she danced with our rourou, mann !!! haha !!! so many guys were looking at them ... and ME ??? standing there watching these 2 gals ... muahahaha !!!

freddie & NomNom were wondering whether i can still drive home myself ... ahaha ! NO PROBLEM ~!!! we went to the mamak behind to have some food & drinks before we go home ... NomNom was laughing at ME & rourou, coz we both were laughing there (a little high liao *sweat*) ...

hmmm, cant remember whether i drove very fast or not ... but usually i do, especially when
there's a little cars ... when i juz entered Old Klang Road, damn
!!! Road Block mann !!! i was
so damn
scare ... i switch my air-con to the maximum, to let the smell of the AmbiPure to
cover the alcohol smell in my car ... and then later i was not so scare anymore, coz i doesnt look like i'm drunk, and somemore i'm still wearing working clothes tat time ... *yay* when i passed the block, i type a sms to NomNom to inform them bout the blocking, but when i was half way typing, i received a sms from NomNom ... saying tat, they met a road block too !!! but in the end, FREDDIE is the one who KENA !!! he got to test out his ever first alcohol test !!!

reached home around 1.45am if i'm not mistaken ... and i'm wondering whether i should take
bath before i go to bed ... but still, i took at nice shower then only i go to bed ... ZZzzzzzz

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

~ Boringz ~

was so tired today ... too much work in office ... our sales team this month not so good ... so, everyone is trying the best to close more deal ... and me ? no customer to close deal, but busy with my colleague's customer ... know why ??? coz she went for maternity leaves ... she passed some of her accounts for me to handle temporary .... not bad thou ... got some orders ... atleast i get to learn things ... get more experiences ...

sigh ... was so damn tired ... walk here and there ... looking for engineer ... checking for prices for this and tat ... DAMN TIRED !!!! hELp ~!!!

now, i'm sitting at my place playing with MSN ... yea, is MSN .... my boss DO NOT allow us to play MSN in office ... is a shame to him, seeing his staff playing MSN ... know why ??? if u are in the office so free, meaning tat u are not doing sales ... no sales, no figure ... no figure, no collection .... no collection, no salary ... then, is END OF THE WORLD !!! now i know tat SALES actually doing an IMPORTANT ROLE in the company ... *yay* but too bad, i dun have much performance .... *sob sob*

okie, continue ... and also, updating my blog now ... it's been a long time tat i didnt update my blog since the last blog ... nowadays, i chose to stay at office longer (if my boss not around), so tat sometimes can chit chat with colleagues and frens (using MSN) ... go home too early also nothing to do, except online .... it's so lonely at home alone ... tat's why i often ask xettie board's members to go out recently ...

yea, something to update on my relationship ... i'm BACK with my dear ( am i ? ) ... hope everything will run smoothly ... i need to go Penang more often ... not only because of him, coz i miss Penang too !!! frenz, wish me ALL THE BEST !!!

something 'yuk mar' ... baby, miss you so muchie !!! *muacks*

hmm, it's 8 something now ... i guess it's time for me to go back ... gonna go supermarket to buy something to clean the toilet... coz Phoebe complaint tat my toilet is dirty ... muahahaha !!! it's true !!! coz i got no mood to clean it weeks ago ... damn 'paiseh' !

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

~ How Do I Live ~

This song was played when we were are Nusa2Bistro juz now. I used to love this song very much, and of coz, i still love it very much now ... this song is kinda sad huh ? does it telling wat's my feeling now ? to me, is a YES.

~ How Do I Live ~ by LeAnn Rimes

How do I,
Get through the night without you?
If I had to live without you,
What kind of life would that be?
Oh, I
I need you in my arms, need you to hold,
You're my world, my heart, my soul,
If you ever leave,
Baby you would take away everything good in my life,

And tell me now
How do I live without you?
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?

Without you,
There'd be no sun in my sky,
There would be no love in my life,
There'd be no world left for me.
And I,
Baby I don't know what I would do,
I'd be lost if I lost you,
If you ever leave,
Baby you would take away everything real in my life,

And tell me now,
How do I live without you?
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?

Please tell me baby,
How do I go on?

If you ever leave,
Baby you would take away everything,
I need you with me,
Baby don't you know that you're everything,
Real in my life?

And tell me now,
How do I live without you,
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?

Monday, April 18, 2005

~ At Nusa2 ~

We are now in Nusa2, the Curve now ~

Image hosted by
this is our 'sifu', Freddie... isnt him very 'yau yeng' ??? lolz ~~!!!

too bad, no more pics to post ... why i'm so fast posting the pics ? becoz, i brought my laptop there ... and there's sa starbucks there ... so, i got a chance to online using wireless network =) first time using my laptop ...

hmmm, it's fun tonite. but still, i'm still feeling sad ... thanks, frens ~!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

~ There is a Broke ~

"Love, is never about one person but two. It doesn't work, when only one person is putting in effort. Love, does not have its preservative. It doesn't last, if you do nothing about it. To everyone who is in love, if you have been taking your partner's love for granted, ask yourself, are you going to regret if one day you find your love has faded away unknowingly. Do something about it, because tears does not guarantee to bring back anything. Certainly not faded love but sympathy."

The above quote is by my dearest bf ...

It's over ~ Everything is over ... but i still hope there is a chance ...

I'm the one should be blamed in this case, for choosing to leave him and work in KL. Long distance relationship does not work on ME & HIM ~ *sob sob* Now i'm hopinig my tears will stop dropping ...

bb, i know u'll see this ~

Friday, April 15, 2005

~ Happy & Sad ~

many things happened to me recently ... happy & sad ... sigh ! but this is life ...

1st thing to share is, i've got my car finally ... i know this news might be outdated to some of you, but still i like to share with u guys ... hehe ! why ? coz u all are my frens ! hmmm, my plat number starts with AFH ... hmm, gold color Kenari ... i dun really like this color at first, coz it's toooooo normal ... easily can see one in town, but it's my very FIRST car ... yeah, first car !!! even i dun like the color, i still got to love it ! actually, it depends on how u look at it, and how u decorate the inside, and also depends on those decoration inside ... haha !!! my colleagues & frens all complained tat my car has too many hmmm, toys ??? haha !!! it's typically a gal's car ! muahahaha !!! but it's very dirty now ... i've been using it in KL for almost 3 weeks, but i never send for car wash yet !!! i feel heartache to see my lovely car so dirty, but i really got no time ... sigh !!! i can send on weekend, but i dun feel like going out sometimes coz i wanna get some rest at home ... yeah, i got the car ... but, sigh ... got to start paying the installments liao *sob sob*

2nd thing is ... i finally get my laptop too !!! after waiting for hmmm, around 3 months ... yea, is 3 months !!! i no longer using tat old desktop in my office anymore and also my pc at home ... i can see the dust on it now, havent use it for few weeks ... hmm, quite satisfied with my laptop ... the specs are okie !!! but too bad, it's so damn heavy mann !!! maybe i should have bought a 12" one, but external dvd-rom ! i dun like external thing, kinda troublesome to bring it here and there ... luckily i've got my car, else i got to carry the laptop walking here and there *sweat*

hmmm, sad things ... dowan to tell lar !!! but to those who knew about it, THANKS for your support and accompany .... i guess u should know who are u !!! but one thing to update u guys on this matter is, it's OVER ! hope things will work fine from now on ~

i enjoyed the beer session at Barfly yesterday so much !!! can listen to musics, can drink, can pool and can play foosball as well !!! hmm, Freddie said my skill in pool has some improvements ... haha !!! dunno it's true or not ??? but i LOVE pool now, thou i'm new to it ... another interesting thing is the foosball part ... these gals & guys shouted so loudly in the pub !!! and they even broke their 'spectator's' (izzit spectators ??? *blur* ) glass !!! the ball fly all around ... scary !!! Freddie & me were so scare to walk near them ... lolz !!! i really enjoy myself last nite ...

so, when is our next beer session again ???

Thursday, April 07, 2005

~ H3LL0 ~

hie guys, long time no see !!! do you all miss me ??? muahahahah ~!!!

hmmm... nothing much to blog actually... juz wanna say HI to you guys...