Wednesday, March 29, 2006


你们就别在为我问题吵了, 好吗? 就在这事情里, 让我静静吧 !!! 你们要说的, 要劝我的, 我都懂, 我都清楚 ... 我没有为他等上一辈子, 没有为他放弃任何一棵树 ...

请给我一点时间 ...

谢谢你们的关心, 你们的呵护 !

请别在提起了 !!! 就让他到此为直吧 ... :)

The Keys to Your Heart

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.


当我试过了, 得不到我要的结果, 我会放弃 ...

谢谢你们的关心 ... 我很清楚我在做什么 ...

就算是失败了, 我也不会难过, 因为我真的尝试过 ...

现在, 我的努力有些回报了, 就请你们给予我一点点的支持. 如我不值得你们支持, 那就让我吧 ...

希望我们的友谊不会因此影响 ...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Improve Myself

Enrolled to the English Language Training program held by the company ... I'm not so sure what they are going to teach in the training, but heard that it is a fun session ... Duration of the training, 3 days, once in a week ...

At first, thought that i couldnt make it ... Went to talk to boss, and told her i'll work from home after the training ... There will be loads of works next weeks onwards, my schedule is kinda pack somemore i insist of going the training ... Boss trusted me ... keke

Sent an email to Insitute Perkim-GOON (IPG) requesting for additional info about part time courses, till today still havent receive any reply from them ... What the heck they doing ??? * sigh * I'm considering to take Administration/Management course & Business ... Well, have to see what do IPG offers ...
Courses like those usually takes about a year, dont think i am able to make it, since i wanted to relocate back to KL ... And also, i'm searching for language courses to attend ... JAPANESE ??? FRENCH ??? GERMAN ???

Yes, want to improve myself ... make myself more valueable ...

Today is a kinda free day to me, waiting for files from each sites to be compiled ... timeline has reached, i will be the one rushing like hell at the end ... wish me luck !!!


Came back from visiting my collegue who just delivered a baby girl about 2 weeks ago ...

Chloe, baby's name ( me myself like the name very much ) ... She has big eyes, sexy lips, long hands and long legs ... she will be a pretty gal in future, like the mommy ...

Lately, many of my collegues are pregnant ... and saw many babies & pregnant ladies around wherever i go ...

Suddenly feel like having a baby ...

Monday, March 27, 2006

to HIM only


To you, i am stupid of making the decision of waiting ... to many ppl, i may sound stupid too !!!

but this is our relationship, only you and me, we know ...

like i always tell you, i will wait ... and i am waiting for you to come back to me ... because, i love you ...

is not easy to find someone you love, is not easy to find someone who loves you as much too ... i will not give up easily ...

i am waiting ...


Sunday, March 26, 2006


hey ppl, i'm so glad to see u ppl (the frequent xettie board members) once again ... it's been a long time i havent meet all of u ... MISS YOU GUYS, really .....

today is hazel's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our leng mui (to me, my defination is "leng leng mui mui") ... SORRY for leaving the dinner early, cos i have some problems to settle ...

to hazel,

Happy Birthday. and may all your wishes come true !!! * yay * 大过女啦,要生生性性,知道吗 ?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

S & A

Erm, how should i start it ? What you have in your mind when you see "S & A" ??? Yea, right ... is Single & Available ...

too fast to be true ! i'm back to S & A after 5 years in 2 relationships ... for those who know my 2nd relationship, fast huh ?

p/s: dear, let me know if you've change your mind ... take care !!! i promise not to torture myself ... i'll wait for the day ... i'll wait ...

我并不潇洒,好不要容易放弃了第一段感情 。。。 现在的我又要面对第二次恋爱的告吹,难过的心真的好难平伏 。。。没想到是那样的结果,我还很期待我们的未来 。。。 他说,他需要时间去解决手头上的问题,我成全他, 不想看到他被那样多的问题烦着 。让他先不为我与他的问题烦恼。 我明白他的处境,希望他的问题能早点解决 。。。

等他 。。。。。

Thursday, March 23, 2006


到"菲比"的部落客看看 ... 听了 "原来" 这首歌好几次,也没留意它的歌词 ... 当我在看它的歌词时,发现我的心情现在就像歌词里一样 ...

~ 原来 ~


拿得起,放得下, 是我常劝人时说的 ... 可是往往 "讲就易, 做就难" ... 不过, 我知道我是做得到的 ... 只需少少时间 ... 不是我还在留恋, 只是"回忆"与"记忆"都不是你说要忘记就能忘记的 ... 当然, 我也不想把它们忘记掉, 就把它们留在我不大不小的头脑里吧 !

黄紫薇, 你要 加油 哦 !!!

今晚, 我又会很难入睡了 ... 泪流干了, 累了, 就会较容易睡了 ... 加油!

Monday, March 20, 2006


我人现在 Gurney Plaza, 来到才想起 力宏 今天回到这来做签唱会. 忘记了,没带他专缉来.

好多人, 好多小妹妹 ...

希望等下可以瞄一瞄他 ... 嘻嘻

Friday, March 17, 2006


boss is on leave today ... school holiday, she might be taking leave to go somewhere with the kids ...

most of my tasks has been done before she on leave ... only ONE more job to be done !!! so, i'm kinda FREE today ... KEKEKEKE

will be attending EXCEL training on Monday & Tuesday, so .... i'll be FREE on Monday & Tuesday too !!! * happieeee *

but then, after the training .... more things will be coming to me, new quarter starting next month ... many many things need to be prepared before the quarter starts !!! * tension *

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


对不起, 临时不能到热浪岛去 ... 对不起 !!!

其中原因是没钱, 和某些原因 ...

下次吧 !

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


我真是 " 大头虾 ", 竟然忘了我做了预约来修补我的 eyebrows ... 离开公司前还一直想着要去那里, 还好没约到任何人 ...

没想到,修补时比刚绣眉还要痛 ! 眼泪一直在眼睛里打滚 ... "歹势"


Monday, March 13, 2006

烦 !!!

好烦 !!! 不想回家, 不想工作, 不想做任何东西 !!!

人生好像没什么意义似的 ...

Friday, March 10, 2006

tiring workout

pain ! pain ! pain !!! suffering muscles pain at every part of my body !!! *ouch ouch ouch*

went workout on Tuesday & Thursday, they were personal training for these 2 session ... basically, the trainer just teaches me how to function the machines, how to use them in a correct way, which machine helps which parts of your body, etc ...

1st training was focusing on thigh, since i told him i wanna look better at my thigh ... HAHA !!! suffering for the muscle pain on my legs for these few days ...

2nd training, which was last night, was focusing on arm & chest ... and now, my hand, my back, my abdomen are all pain ...

cant walk normally, i mean the speed ... has difficulty climbing the staircase (my desk is at upstairs) ... sigh ... PAIN !!!

tiring ...

wanted to go workout again today, but too bad ... no more clothing for gym ... what a BAD & SAD reason huh ??? but it's true ... so, i can only go gym on alternate day ... *keke*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


OVERTIME again ...

Dont feel like going home early lately, really got nothing to do at home. SAD huh ? Finished watching the HK series, kinda lazy to read books, no connection for me to online, nothing much i can do in my SMALL room, NO friends to look for, NO $$$ to go for shopping, NO place to go to ...

wow !!! it's really sAd ...

should i go spend my time at Starbugs surfing there ??? hmmm .... *thinking very hardly*

rather staying in office working overtime, since have quite alot of work to do lately ... and also, BROKE !!! ahahaha *sighhhhhh*

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


~ Thanks, my dear friends ~

很高兴能认识到你们这班朋友, 真的 ! 我的荣幸 ...

Some small changes happened in my life lately ... And i know you gals & guys are worrying about me ... I know wat i am doing, friends ... Seriously, I've been thinking and considering before making the decision ... Although i'm not VERY smart, but i'm NOT stupid, right ???

I chose to be like that, and i am fine with the situation now. Eventhough if i'm not, i'll try my best to cope with it ... Maybe you'll think that i am selfish, but ... I hope you guys can support me with watever my decision is, or if you do not ... pls stay calm ... I will listen to your advice, tell me wat you feel personally ...

aiks ... i'm freezing here !!!

anyway, thank you !!! 我希望你们能支持我 ...

Life without Internet

Finished work, and i'm now blogging from Starbugs, @ e-Gate. No internet connection at home, poor me. Cant do anything at home, other than watching DVDs and HK series. More boring, will drive to town for workout Image hosting by Photobucket

In office, cant go to LYN forum, cant go to other people's blogsite, cant chat in msn, cant download movies & mp3. Heard someone saying that 3 person got sacked, got caught downloading movies & mp3, surfing and etc ...

Wanted to apply for a streamyx for my place (company might subsidise Image hosting by Photobucket ), but the problem is the landlady of my doesnt has a land line ... so, if i'm applying for a telephone line, i'll have to pay for all the installation *sob* and i'm in the consideration of shifting to other place ... that's why i'm NOT into apply for streamyx at this moment, will see how ...

Life without Internet is real BORING !!! Image hosting by Photobucket

男人真言 ???

又美又好的女人 都有男朋友
又美又好又沒男朋友的女人 又看不上我們
不是很美但是很好的女人 卻帶不出去
不是很美但是又好又會打扮的女人 認為我們看上的是他們的姿色
而不會打扮但是很美的女人 看上的是我們的錢
不是很好但是很美又是沒男朋友的女人 卻嫌我們沒錢因為很勢利
又好又會打扮又沒男朋友又覺得我們有錢的女人 卻很敗家而且還很勢利
又好又美又帶的出去而且沒男朋友的女人 偏偏又被我們主動嚇到
那些被動的女人一旦我們採取主動 卻又認為我們花心



有個老開口 YES 的丈夫,就會有個總說 NO 的妻子。


這個點是極盡聖人的限度,當然不是坐在咖啡廳談出來的,而是在丟盤摔碗、 炮轟冷戰、質問和辯解後疲倦不堪下的產物。