Monday, December 25, 2006

Lose Weight !!

I want to lose weight ~ I want to lose weight !!!

hate seeing the fats on my body, when standing in front of the mirror ... i dislike my fat arms, i dislike my fat thighs ...

dear, i know u will be unhappy to see this ... haha

me say say nia ... have no consistency to do so one ... dont worry

X'mas Day, a Merry X'mas to you !!!

oh yea ... i'm spending my day, x'mas day @ starbucks ...


woke up EARLY, @ 7 something this morning ... feeling tired & sleepy actually, but couldnt sleep, no matter how hard i try ...

LONELY X'mas ... no doubt ! But i'm glad that i did had some fun hanging out with my colleagues and friends on x'mas eve, @ Gurney Walk.

Colleague invited us to her house for lunch this afternoon. Had some very nice indian curry chicken & fish, shrimp, & turkey, not roasted but sambal turkey. Very nice & smooth turkey, 1st time i've tried such smooth turkey.

May everyone HAVE FUN & HAVE A BLESSED X'MAS !!!

* tata ! *

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Early Wishes

Here comes my early wishes, as i couldnt update my bloggie often ...


~ !! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! ~

Dear friends,

Have a Very Merry X'mas party yea !!! Enjoy ~ !!! ho ho ho ...

With Love,

Saturday, November 25, 2006

不搬了 !

Changed my mind
into the new room ...

~ Updatez ~

对不起 ! Really have NO time to go online lately, that's is why no updatez on my bloggie lately.

Couldn't simply suft net in office, as the higher management are PEEPING on our internet usage. I dare not come to my blogsite, as i did talk about something bout my company sometimez ...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

IDioT Detected !

Hello Idiot,

Thank you for your time spent on my blog ... You are welcome to be here, but NOT ANYMORE if you are here to talk bout nonsence ...

Thanks !

Sunday, November 05, 2006

a NEW place

found a new place ... a new room ...

THANK YOU to Xavier for introducing his friend, and recommending the place to me ...

an apartment next to Gurney Drive, 5 mins walking distance to Gurney Plaza ... but 45 mins driving to my office @ Prai ...

confirmed moving in next month, but now got to try my best to fork out the deposit before i can get the key ... tho moving in next month, but i'll be slowly shifting my belongings into the room ... this is the scarriest & suffering part ... and got to start packing, packing and packing ...

SAD thing bout the new place is, there's NO washing machine ... i am terribly afraid of hand washing my clothes ... i am definately NOT that hardworking type of person to do handwashing ... i need a washing machine .... !!!!!

logging off now ... have been spending most of my time at Starbucks during the weekend ... and have been gaining calories from my favourite drinks, Java Chip ... hopefully I can get streamyx installed ASAP when I moved in to the new place ...

Good Day everyone !!!

Miss You (you know who you are) & and you all ...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gals, Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday !!!

23rd October

Our Beloved Leng Lui, RR's birthday ...

hey dear, hope you'll like the b'day gifts we gave you .... We actually think and think for very long time bout what to give you .... and finally, we've that INTERESTING idea ... Each and everyone of us did contribute ..... though the gifts will cause you gain some weight or extra calories, but still they are VERY SPECIAL b'day presents, right ?

Hope you'll like it, no matter what ...

2nd November

Our JB BIG Sister's, Phoebe's BIG DAY Phoebe, don't angry k ? cos i greet u like tat ...

hey dear (dear again ?? ) ... Sorry cos didnt get anything for you ....... like i told you, will buy you a cake as compensation when i see you next time k ?? hehe

B. B. M. ??

Xavier & Vearn, you both won't blame/angry at me one hor ??? hehe ....

p/s: if ya, let me know k ? i'll remove ...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Xettie Trip @ Ipoh

FeeBz, Hazel, Xavier, Nom,

Really GLAD to see you guys coming to Ipoh to visit me, Vearn & m^tch.

I enjoyed a lot, though it's tiring ... THANK YOU !!!

Happy to see you all, hope you guys enjoy too.



Wow ! Couldnt believe that I have actually visited most of the 'lubang' (caves) in Ipoh in 2 days, after so so so long time since my last visit to those places. And, the days i've took the most pictures in my live.

Thank you to Xavier, for driving down the Avanza to Ipoh. We can travel around in 1 car, to avoid the busy traffic in Ipoh during the DeepaRaya season. I love the feeling of many ppl travelling around in a big car. Got to thanks Vearn for driving us around too !!! i know the feeling of driving all around the whole day, it's really really tiring.

~ Funniest Moment ~

BIG MOUTH Nom got to see the famous Wan Tan Noodle selling at Menglembu. And scarriest part, he finishes the noodles by putting them into his mouth at ONCE !!! 一口扫清光 !!! Fred, can you do that ? maybe you can compete with Nom if you were here that day.

~ Most Boring Moment ~

Playing UNO cards at The Browns Cafe, took us around an hour just to finish ONE game. Too many players i guess.

~ Most Disappointed Moment ~

Giving up waiting for lunch at the stalls under the Big Tree (大树脚). They smell very nice laksa, but didnt have the chance to try it. Packed packed packed, and the queue is long long long ...

Pictures ! Pictures ! Pictures !!!

I wanted to post some of the pictures we took during the trip, but too bad. I do not have the Adobe Photoshop installed in my laptop. I couldnt resize them. The quality will be very bad, if i resize them using the Paint application. Let me post them when i am back to Penang.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Holidays !

In conjunction to Deepavali & Hari Raya, we will have a LONGGGGGG holiday ...

Here i wish everyone,



eeennnnnnnnjoyyyyyyyyy !!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

thank you <_<

Again, i felt sick ...

Feel like vomitting suddenly when i was at work yesterday (No ! I am NOT pregnant !!!). Then, headache comes attacking me. Freezing. Body getting weak ...

I thought i got food poisoning, because i drank a cup of 'cold' milo, which is not chilled from Macdonald's, with the Big Breakfast set. But ... i don't go to the toilet, i dont vomit, nothing happen to my stomach ...

Went home during the 2nd half, but was stucked in the jam on the bridge. STRANGE !!! Jam at 2pm on the bridge !!! No way, something happened, and i heard the siren of the ambulance ... I am right ! Accident happened. A car banged to the site divider (not the center divider) seriously, total damage, and someone was stuck in the car ... I felt asleep few times when i was in the jam, ALMOST 'kiss' a Jazz in front of me due to my 'tired-ness' ...

Slept for the rest of my day when i am home ... Luckily i am able to recover after the 'countless' hours of sleep ...

" THANK YOU to INDONESIA ! " countless of ppl felt sick cause of the haze you brought to us ... <_<

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

八月十五, 又到了 ...

今年是有史以来, 我吃得最少月饼的一年了. 很有可能, 今年我得一个人过这中秋节 ... 在怡保的家时, 我通常都会买些蜡烛和纸灯笼, 把家外面点得亮亮的. 但是, 其中一个都总会不知不觉的被烧掉 . 哈哈 !!
中秋节快乐 !!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Starbugs @ Ipoh

yea, finally got a chance to come to the starbugs of Ipoh ... very 1st one in Ipoh

enjoying my drinks, surfing, checking my mails ... and looking around, since i didnt hang out in Ipoh for a long long time ...

well, this starbugs are better then what was in my mind ... kinda spacious huh ???

fasting season now, this is the right time to come ....

less ppl

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

怎么办 ?

懒惰的精虫, 已爬满在我身上了.

除了每天工作及上下班以外, 什么都不想做.

放工回家, 就只想懒洋洋的躺在那儿, 看戏也好, 休息也好.

没办法, 我也不懂要怎样救我自己.


就叫我懒虫吧 !!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


i am coughing again ...

caused by eating too much chocolate

p/s: updated as per FeeBz's request

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

>> NBTD <<

Before and After

Before vs. After

There are some differences, but not very obvious. Eg. hair length, and the colors.
I blame the brigthness of my room, and the camera on my mobile.
See below pic for better + obvious hair color ... ahhahaha

I think this is cuter ....

i'm trying to act cute ... but,

YA, i know ... no matter how, still i dont look cute ....

............................ UPDATED : ............................

7th September 2006

Since most of you said both the pic not much different, so .... i've changed the 2nd pic

Can see the color + highlight this time

Saturday, August 26, 2006


my darling is here with me this weekend ...

happieeeee !!!

MISS YOU, darling


LOVE YOU too !

THANK YOU darling ...

i am having a great time with you

Thursday, August 24, 2006

.. a BAD day ..

my tyre puncture last nite ... saw it after my gym session, at 11pm ... luckily i am able to reach my friend to help me switching the tyre to the spare one ...

kinda easy to change a tyre actually, i am sure i can get it done by myself next time 靠自己 !!!

Thanks, Wayne (if you are seeing this )

and just now, my 4 months old shoes (wore it for less then 5 times) broken, at the minute i stepped into my company compound, right after the guard house ... luckily i do have a pair of slippers in office ... else, i will have to be barefoot


went to the workshop to repair my tyre, but too bad ... my tyre became very thin cos i still drove the car which was in tat condition for some time ... i have to change the whole tyre, and fixed the rim ... my $$$ is gone

Thursday, August 17, 2006


好痛 !!!
不知怎么的, 牙齿里面哪觉得好痛 !
我想, 大概又是 "智慧牙" 的关系吧 ...
今天特地请了半天的假期, 想要去看看牙医 ... 哪知道, 都 fully booked ...
什么都没做到, 也没得睡迟一些, 早上在家也还得开电脑工作

Monday, August 14, 2006


最近, 同事借了我这部台湾连续剧, "天国的嫁衣" ... 听过这戏名好几次, 终于有机会看了.
它, 比我想象中好看... 帅哥, 美女也没几个 ... 可是, 它的故事情节真的很感人 ... 毕竟, 电影里的故事, 在现实生活里, 是超难实现的 ... 那, 就只好看戏吧 !

在看这部连续剧时, 我竟然了 ... 而且, 还是无数次 (countless time) ... *摇头*

很感人的故事, 很痴情的三个男女主角 ...

故事的结局, 让我很矛盾 ... 一方面, 很希望原来的一对会有完美的结局 ... 另一方面, 又希望他和她会因他的痴情而真的爱上他 ...

为什么结局不能是三人都在一起呢 ? 哈哈 ! 我是傻了吧 ...

Friday, August 11, 2006


I am sick, again ...

我, 又生病

可能是太累了吧, 没有足够的休息 ... 加油 !

Monday, August 07, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stupid ? or Un-Reasonable ?

I felt strange when I enter the company compound this morning, saw the guard checking a colleague's car boot, and the gal was standing by the side of her car.

Oh actually, the security guard will have to do a checking on the car & bags before the car leaving or going out from company's carpark. Even some of the companies are doing a very detail checking on employee's car I understand the purpose of doing so, because there are some 'kecurian' cases happened before.

Until I heard my colleague mentioning that there is this new 'rules', the owner of the car or someone from the car must get down to open and close the boot, no matter there is a thunderstorm or raining or under a hot sun before stepping out of the company's compound.

Isn't it stupid ???

The 'rule' was set because some people complained that the guard smashed the boot hardly. Really, some of them really do not give a damn and just bang the boot. For my car, everything can be seen without opening any door, but still they want to 'cari pasal' ...

Colleague told me that the guard asked her, "What position are you in ?" when she went out this afternoon. It makes me even mad at them and the management ...

"What the f*ck are you bothering what position i am in ?!!??!"

"Does it means that you are not checking my car if i am a director ???"
"Does it means i dont need to get down from the car if i am a senior manager ???"
"Does it means that the posiblility of a low-level employee being a thieve is very high ???"

Getting very disappointed with the management ...

Always making 'troubles', but not finding the root of the problems and thinking of a solution to solve them ...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

tired ...

My boss went for business trip to S'pore for a week, but seems I am even busier now compare to when she is around. Colleagues said I am silly, cos being sooooo hardworking only when boss is not around ... lol

Sigh, what else ? Cleaning people's shit sigh ...

Overtime ! Overtime ! Overtime ... even SK II also couldn't 'repair' my getting 'chan' face dee ...

Tired, need to go on vacation to relax my mind ...