Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Xettie Trip @ Ipoh

FeeBz, Hazel, Xavier, Nom,

Really GLAD to see you guys coming to Ipoh to visit me, Vearn & m^tch.

I enjoyed a lot, though it's tiring ... THANK YOU !!!

Happy to see you all, hope you guys enjoy too.



Wow ! Couldnt believe that I have actually visited most of the 'lubang' (caves) in Ipoh in 2 days, after so so so long time since my last visit to those places. And, the days i've took the most pictures in my live.

Thank you to Xavier, for driving down the Avanza to Ipoh. We can travel around in 1 car, to avoid the busy traffic in Ipoh during the DeepaRaya season. I love the feeling of many ppl travelling around in a big car. Got to thanks Vearn for driving us around too !!! i know the feeling of driving all around the whole day, it's really really tiring.

~ Funniest Moment ~

BIG MOUTH Nom got to see the famous Wan Tan Noodle selling at Menglembu. And scarriest part, he finishes the noodles by putting them into his mouth at ONCE !!! 一口扫清光 !!! Fred, can you do that ? maybe you can compete with Nom if you were here that day.

~ Most Boring Moment ~

Playing UNO cards at The Browns Cafe, took us around an hour just to finish ONE game. Too many players i guess.

~ Most Disappointed Moment ~

Giving up waiting for lunch at the stalls under the Big Tree (大树脚). They smell very nice laksa, but didnt have the chance to try it. Packed packed packed, and the queue is long long long ...

Pictures ! Pictures ! Pictures !!!

I wanted to post some of the pictures we took during the trip, but too bad. I do not have the Adobe Photoshop installed in my laptop. I couldnt resize them. The quality will be very bad, if i resize them using the Paint application. Let me post them when i am back to Penang.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Holidays !

In conjunction to Deepavali & Hari Raya, we will have a LONGGGGGG holiday ...

Here i wish everyone,



eeennnnnnnnjoyyyyyyyyy !!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

thank you <_<

Again, i felt sick ...

Feel like vomitting suddenly when i was at work yesterday (No ! I am NOT pregnant !!!). Then, headache comes attacking me. Freezing. Body getting weak ...

I thought i got food poisoning, because i drank a cup of 'cold' milo, which is not chilled from Macdonald's, with the Big Breakfast set. But ... i don't go to the toilet, i dont vomit, nothing happen to my stomach ...

Went home during the 2nd half, but was stucked in the jam on the bridge. STRANGE !!! Jam at 2pm on the bridge !!! No way, something happened, and i heard the siren of the ambulance ... I am right ! Accident happened. A car banged to the site divider (not the center divider) seriously, total damage, and someone was stuck in the car ... I felt asleep few times when i was in the jam, ALMOST 'kiss' a Jazz in front of me due to my 'tired-ness' ...

Slept for the rest of my day when i am home ... Luckily i am able to recover after the 'countless' hours of sleep ...

" THANK YOU to INDONESIA ! " countless of ppl felt sick cause of the haze you brought to us ... <_<

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

八月十五, 又到了 ...

今年是有史以来, 我吃得最少月饼的一年了. 很有可能, 今年我得一个人过这中秋节 ... 在怡保的家时, 我通常都会买些蜡烛和纸灯笼, 把家外面点得亮亮的. 但是, 其中一个都总会不知不觉的被烧掉 . 哈哈 !!
中秋节快乐 !!!