Saturday, September 17, 2005

~ Hong Kong ~

just reached Hong Kong about 10mins ago, and now i'm waiting for the flight from Hong Kong to KL ... walked around and saw my fav cafe, Starbucks ... how nice they provide me a trial period for using the wifi ... but too bad, my laptop is going to run out of battery, and my adapter is not with me now ...

waiting for Starbucks to open ... nothing much i can do here, got another 2 more hours to wait ... shopping ??? too early now, the shops are not open yet ... *sob sob*

Friday, September 16, 2005

~ Last Day in California ~

time passes sooo fast ... OR i should say, happy time passes extremely fast !!!

i'll be departing from San Fracisco airport at late night 1.20am tonite, reaching Penang on Saturday noon ...

sigh, not even back to M'sia yet ... my manager already give me some important & urgent task to work on ... *sweat* i never do it before, but just jotting notes while my colleague in Milpitas office taught me ... she didnt manage to work for it cos she has sooo many things to squeeze in the short period, pity her though ... if i make any mistake, i'll be in trouble *sweat*

sooo, see u guys in M'sia ah ...

~ Being Tagged ~

THANK YOU to Ericca !!! for tagging me ... duh !!!

Seven things you plan to do before you die :

@ travel around the world
@ giving birth to a CUTE baby
@ Bungee Jump !!! (my dream ...)
@ setting up my very own business (coffee house will be my first choice ...)
@ give daddy & mummy my $$$ to travel around the world
@ building up a LOVELY family (stole this from Errica)
@ tell daddy & mummy, "I Love You" ...

Seven things I could do :

@ SLIM DOWN (VERY IMPORTANT to me NOW !!!) Image hosted by
@ save my $$$
@ buy something for daddy & mummy
@ learn to dress up very prettyly ... ( since i dunno how to dress up )
@ buy myself a CONDOMINIUM (sorry, this is actually my WISH LIST ...)
@ buy myself a MINI COOPER (sorry, this is actually my WISH LIST ...)

7 Celebrity crushes :

@ i cant think of any ...
@ i cant think of any ...
@ i cant think of any ...
@ i cant think of any ...
@ i cant think of any ...
@ i cant think of any ... maybe David Beckham ???
@ erm, maybe Brad Pitt ???

7 often repeated words :

@ OMG !!!
@ F*ck
@ damn
@ shit
@ Image hosted by hehe
@ duh
@ bleh Image hosted by
(not bad huh ? only ONE bad word)

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :

@ NOT the THIN type
@ NOT the VERY FAT type
@ NOT with VERY BIG tummy
@ NOT the SHORT type
@ Sexy Lips & skillful tongue Image hosted by (stole this from Ericca as well)
@ SMALL eyes (typical asian ??? i started to like small eyes since dunno when ...)
@ tanned ... (sexy !!!) Image hosted by

7 tags goes to:

@ Phoebe (lemme grab her first before the rest grab her, haha)
@ Kae
@ Nom
@ Yy
@ Dai
@ Kelvin
@ p4n6

yay !!! i'm done finally Image hosted by ...

Ericca, try NOT to tag me with those DIFFICULT questions k ? easier one is better for me ...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

~ I'm Going Back Home ~

i mistaken the time 0120, 16th Sept 2005 in my intenerary as 0120, 17th Sept 2005 ...

while i was looking at my flight ticket, my manager had a look on it ... and wat, my flight is actually on Friday morning ...

i'm checking out the hotel tomolo morning -> go to office -> work -> off work -> dinner -> and will head to the airport ... i cant believe it tat it's soooo fast, and tomolo will be my last day staying in US for this training trip ... i'm planning to go to the airport earlier, so tat i can shop at the airport for some time ... my fren did told me tat stuffs at the airport is damn cheap cos it's duty free !!!

i hope i can get something though ... but i'm broke *sob sob*

i'm gonna miss California alot, it's such a nice and pretty place to stay at ... so, i gotta work hard ... haha !!! ( do u i will ? i will ... ) and maybe got promoted ??? and i can always go everywhere ... most important is, the most basic expenses is ON company, and i can SHOP ... haha !!! Good Idea huh ???

so, see u guys when i go KL ya ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

~ @ San Francisco II ~

here are some other pics i took in San Francisco ... am i a good camera gal huh ? hehe

San Francisco
San Francisco ...

Fishermans Wharf
Pier 39 ...

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco ...

Wax Museum
Wax Museum ...

San Jose, California
This is a place i went to after work ... San Jose, another small town in California ... The Cheese Cake Factory, is the restaurant i went ... omg !!! they have so many diff kinds of cheese cake in there ... dun u think tat the restaurant is so damn nice ??? and tat is the cake i had, Godiva Cheese Cake ... it's soooo delicious !!!

~ @ San Francisco ~

yeah !!! i went San Francisco finally ... omg !!! it's really a damn nice city !!!

i'm IN LOVE with San Francisco !!! Image hosted by

i took the hotel shuttle to the Great Mall and headed to the Fremont Bart Station in a bus ... even taking a bus in US is damn expensive, cost me USD3.50 *sweat* after that, i took the Bart train to San Francisco, cost me USD4.75 ... reached SF in about 1 hour if i'm not mistaken, and i'm at the lower ground of a mall, Nordstrom ... Guess wat ??? i didnt get lost, SMART huh ???

Image hosted by
NORDSTROM, San Francisco

Right after i left the Bart station, i came to the Cable Car stop ... lots of people there, or i should say they are visitors ... queued up to buy the cable car pass, for me to hop on and off the cable car anytime, anywhere ... it cost me USD11, and it's expensive !!!

Cable Car

here are the pics i took while i'm on my way to the Fishermans Wharf ...

San Francisco

first stop, at Fishermans Wharf ... omg !!! it is soooo pretty !!! lemme update the pics later ... i walked to Pier39, which is a damn pretty pier ... lot's of shops there, and lots of people too ...

Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco

One of the interesting shop, The Chocolate Factory ... tons of different kinds of chocolates, it's amazing ...

Chocolate Factory, Pier 39, Fishermans Wharf

Alcatraz, a prison on an island used long time ago ... if you do watch "The Rock", i believe you'll be familiar with Alcatraz ... the movie, The Rock, staring by Nicolas Cage, and etc was filmed here ...

Alcatraz, San Francisco

and yesterday, i went San Francisco with my co-worker again ... we drove there this time ... first stop, at The Golden Gate Bridge ... a bridge which is very famous, and millions of people purposely head to San Francisco just to look at the bridge, the bridge links up San Francisco and Sausalito (another town in California i guess) ... it is GORGEOUS !!!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

the crookedest street ... San Francisco was built on hills, and they have this Crookedest Street in San Francisco ... it's kinda funny, to look at those cars driving down the hill using this Crookedest Street, and u can hear the sound of their brake ...

Image hosted by

here is another attraction point i went to, the Coit Tower ... well, i do not know the history of the tower ... paiseh !

Image hosted by

to be continue ...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

~ Milpitas again ~

it cost me USD9.90 per day to go online in the hotel, it's so damn expensive ... so, i'm not going to subscribe to it ... and while i'm in office, i do not have the chance to surf other websites as well ... too bad !!! and now, they are doing something else there, and i'm going to do some update here ...

here are some pics which i've taken ...

i'm wondering WHY is the mountains are brown color ??? our mountains in M'sia are always green ... maybe they are dried up ??? In Milpitas, i can always see the mountains everywhere !!! it's HUGE !!! and the scene is really like a painting ...

Great Mall
This is GREAT MALL, an outlet mall ... things sold inside are much cheaper compare to other places ... it's HUGE !!! Guess wat ? I almost go to Great Mall everyday, cos it's very near to my hotel ... bought some clothes there, it's so interesting to see $12.90 for shirts and $29.90 for a pair of jeans ... haha !!!

Starbucks !!! Starbucks is all over the places ... makes me miss the coffee sooooo damn much !!! well, the price is almost the same with M'sia, not too expensive ...

Borders Book Stores ...

Banana Leaf
I believe you've heard Banana Leaf in KL as well ... This restaurant is owned by a M'sian chinese ... I've been there twice ... weird huh ? M'sian going to a M'sian restaurant for food ??? haha !!! no choice, my colleague, an American from Boston wanna try them and she loves the food soooo much !!! well, there are lots of varieties, but it's not so tasty as in M'sia. Guess what i had ??? TOMYAM Soup for the 1st day, and CURRY CHICKEN for the 2nd day ...

GOSH !!! the food here really cost me a BOMB ... the foods normally cost USD6 - USD15, and try to convert it to RM ... i know, i shouldnt converting USD to RM while i'm spending in US ... but .... this is really a SAD case !!!

OK, i guess tat's all for today's update ... lemme resize the pics i took, and i'll post and update my blog ASAP ... I'm going to San Francisco ALONE tomorrow, since my colleague is going to San Diego and leaving me in Milpitas alone ... I'm NOT going to waste my day staying in the hotel ... so, PRAY for me of NOT getting LOST in San Francisco, this is my very FIRST TIME going to a BUSY place ALONE ... it's going to be a FUN TRIP as there are lots of INTERESTING places in San Francisco ... HAHA !!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

~ @ Milpitas ~

finally ... i reach California, US after travelling for so many hours ... is TIRING !!!

depart from Penang @ 7.45am yesterday ... headed to Hong Kong, but the plane did stopped at KLIA for about an hour ... my tears dropped when i boarded in Penang ... i thought i was strong enough not to cry, but dunno why ... maybe caused i felt soooo lonely, and missing everyone in M'sia ... Image hosted by

after 3 hours plus, reach Hong Kong ... HK airport is so damn big, i took some pics of it ... sigh, wanted to sleep so much, tired ... but cant !!! my eyes and my body are tired, but my brain just didnt want to rest ... damn !!! Image hosted by was watching movies on the plane throughout the flight ... here are some pics of HK airport ...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

reach San Francisco, took a shuttle to the hotel, Embassy Suites ... it's far from the Airport !!! u know how much it cost ? USD53, equals to about RM200 !!! damn, one Levi's is gone ... is soooooo damn expensive to take a cab in US !!! sigh ~ HELP !!!

ok, here are some pics i took in the hotel & my room ...

Embassy Suites

My Room

My Room

Mini Kitchen

Living Room

will update you all again ... my laptop run out of batteries, and stupid !!! cant charge it here, cos the 'head' of the adapter cannot fit into the power switch in US ... went out to bought it, and couldnt find it ... and it costs me another USD20 Image hosted by damn !!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

~ California, I'm Coming ~

i'm flying to California tomolo ... my flight is damn early, 7.45am and i got to be there at about 5 something to check in Image hosted by

i'll fly to Hong Kong from Penang, then again to San Francisco few hours later ... San Francisco is the nearest airport to the town i'm going to, Milpitas ... i've packed my stuffs & luggage last nite, but seems there are still lots of things to bring there ... but but but, dunno wat to bring ... *headache* Image hosted by

sigh, my pay for last month is gooonnneee ... Image hosted by RM1000 is not even enuff to change for USD300 ... my fren told me tat there are quite some interesting places to go in California, hope i would have the chance to go visit ... San Francisco is very near to the sea actually, i believe there would be many people at the beach at this time ... Image hosted by *wink wink*

amusement park ... my fren did tell me that there are many amusement parks there ... this is really a GOOD news to ME cos i do love those exciting 'games' Image hosted by

i'll try to take as much pictures as possible, since i've juz got the 512MB memory stick for the camera and i'm bringing my laptop along ... i believe u will not see me in the pics coz i'll be travelling around myself and who is going to take picture for me ??? this is a sad one ... Image hosted by