Thursday, August 25, 2005

~ N B T D ~

Nothing Better To Do ... lemme post some pics again Image hosted by

Image hosted by
these are my colleague's desk ...

Image hosted by
this is a pic of the plant (factory) i'm working, Solectron ... i'm working in Plant 5A ... there are Plant 1, Plant 2, Plant 2A, Plant 3 Plant 5 & Plant 5A ... as u can see from the pic, this is only Plant 5A, Plant 5B is juz next to it ... i do not know how big it is, wat i know is HUGE !!!

Image hosted by
haha !!! NBTD ... 1st pic taken in office again, and 2nd one took in the car, as u can see the safety belt ... was stucked in a terrible jam, feeling sleepy ... Image hosted by

Updates !!!

i finally got the approval to travel to KL for my visa ... was waiting and chasing the HEADS to approve my requisition ... and FINALLY ... *sweat* Image hosted by but but but ... the requisition to US is not done yet, it is now pending at the director of training department ... there are still HIM and the Finance Manager to go through ... *sweat* Image hosted by

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

~ My Dream ! My Dream !! My Dream !!! ~

yeah ... my dream is coming TRUE ...

received my manager's email 2 days ago, asking me to raised a travelling requisition (TR) to the management ... yes !!! i'm going to California ...

i'm soooo HAPPY and yet i'm NERVOUS !!! i finally got a chance to go US and i might going ALONE without any companion ... SCARE !!! my english is not good and fluent, and i know nothing bout US ... i afraid the taxi driver cant understand wat i'm trying to say ... i afraid that i'm going to stay in the hotel alone ... i afraid i'll get lost in Milpitas ... i afarid i cant understand wat those mat salleh saying .... *sweating*

her plan is, i'm going to California on 5th September ... trainin, training, training and training ... then, stay there for about 10 days ... BUT !!! i have NOTHING prepared yet !!! the (TR) normally needs 5-6 weeks to be approved by the HEADS of departments ... my manager, head of department, Human Resource, Finance, Training, etc ... only one small application, but need to go through soooo many people !!! big company, sigh ...

oh yeah, i do not have a US Visa, and i need to apply for it ... and i need to go for an interview at US Embassy in order to get the visa ... and, i need to raised another TR for the trip going down to KL again ... ok !!! i've raised the 1st TR yesterday and the 2nd TR today, i've checked on the status of my requisition ... and wat ??? NO ONE approved yet ...

applying US Visa can be done ONLINE now ... i've apply online, and need to go down to KL for interview ... before going to the interview, there are some letters, receipts, docs to be prepared ... my interview is scheduled on 29th August (Monday) and now i've got NOTHING yet !!! sigh ... i think my trip to US gotta be delayed ...

i hope all my HEADS can approve my requisition, so tat i can go interview on Monday ... my colleague told me tat it's not easy to get a US visa nowadays ... one of my colleague's trip got delayed cos the embassy rejected the application ... again, i'm SCARE !!!

after interview, i need to get myself prepared to go US ... mommy said is Autumn in US now ... might be a little cold ... i need to bring 1 or 2 jacket or sweater over ... i've never been to US ... i dunno wat to bring !!!

i'm wishing that i got the time to lepak around Milpitas during off day ... hopefully, there is someone to bring me around to shop, to walk around, and etc ... i'll get ready my camera, to snap here and there ... hehe !!!

p/s: anyone wanna SPONSOR me for shopping ??? sponsors can get SOUVENIR *evil grin*

~ Nothing Muchie ~

first, lemme post some pics ...

Image hosted by
this is my working cubicle ... NEAT huh ??? cos i dun have anything to put on my table yet ... and the 17" monitor is so damn big, took away half of my desk ... ^_^"

Image hosted by
and here are MY pics ... the first 3 pics are taken in the office (while nobody around) ... can u see that i'm wearing the 'smock' ??? and the last pic, taken at home ...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

~ Wat is Happening ? ~

though i'm not in KL, but heard everyone at KL complaining bout the HAZE ... i dunno wat's happening, cos i didnt read newspaper ... *blek* i'm always outdated !!! why this happens ? izzit because of the forest burning again ???

the haze only attacks Klang Valley i guess ... Penang do not have this problem ... maybe got, but i juz didnt notice it ... whole day sitting in front of the computer ... even lunch also i'll prefer to eat at the canteen ... CHEAP and no need to headache bout the PARKING after went out ...

when i crossed the bridge juz now ... the sky is clear !!! and the sun is extremely extremely extremely HOT too !!! sigh, i think i'm going to fall sick as well, juz because of the weather ... in the office, was about 18 degree celcius ... outside the office ??? was about 33 - 34 degree celcius !!! this is CRAP !!! wat kind of weather is this ???

yeah ... think think think ... the rain hasnt come for many days already !!! was so terrible hot when we sleep and was sweating when i wake up ...

Pls ... Pls help us with the weather !!!

FRENS out there, pls TAKE GOOD CARE of urself !!! drink more and more water .... so, tat u wun fall sick easily !!!

ALL DA BEST frens !!!

hope the haze will DISAPPEAR asap !!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

~ Envy ~

juz finished reading Yy's blog ... feel so glad after knowing she's enjoying her life at Aussy ... and also ... i feel ENVY too !!!

the only foreign countries which i've been went to are China (3 years ago, the farest) and Singpore (3 years ago, i guess) ... i always envy those frens who have the chance to go to foreign country, no matter for vacation or for studies ...

well, i do not have a chance to go study so far away as financially i'm not allowed to do so ... me & my bro had been looking down by my grandparents cos i'm not graduated from any foreign university. wat's the problem ??? they have some problem i guess ... from young till now, they like to compare me with my cousins and some of my far far relatives ... so and so's son is studying at wat uni wat uni and graduating from bla bla bla uni ... he or she currently working in wat big big company ... earning how many k's in a month ...

why they like to compare so much !!! who are those people ??? i dun give a d@mn !!! TYPICAL CHINAMAN !!! wheneven i go visit them, they will tell me this and tat ... comparing non-stop ... sigh !!! can someone teach me how to STOP them from comparing ??? izzit so important to graduate from a foreign uni ??? really hate that ... do u guys have the same experience ?

my manager asked me whether do i have a passport tat day ... i'm wondering do she really sending me to US for training ... will be DAMN GOOD if it's true ... keke !!! atleast i got the chance to pay US a visit ...

Friday, August 05, 2005

~ Good OR Bad ~

already go to work for 2 weeks, went for training a week, and started work for the week later ... shud i call it start work ??? well, my boss aka manager teaches me things which i'm going to handle in future eeryday ... called it a TRAINING then ...

already been in the office for a week, and wat ??? yesterday only i got my pc !!! wat these IT department doing ... the company is using an online system for all kind of application, such as applying leaves, OT, doing claims, application for pc, notebook, and bla bla bla ... and every application needs the superior to approve ... my manager did the application for a notebook for me 3 weeks before i joined the company ... and only the application was rejected ON the day i go to the office ... WTF ??? wat is tat IT manager doing ??? ok ... application was rejected with the reason of I'M NOT A MANAGER, and I DO NOT NEED TO GO TRAVEL OFTEN ... *$&^#^(&%#*$^*(#)*#@&#&*

my manager said she will FIGHT for me ... because i'll be handling & supporting US, CANADA and some other country ... so, i will need to work till late nite in the office ... my manager wants to have a notebook so tat i can work from home, no need to stay in the office till late nite ... cos it's dangerous !!! let's see ... manager said will talk to her boss, which is hmmm, 2nd highest level in the organization ... hope can get it lar ... damn IT manager !!! muahahaha !!! this manager muz be sneezing there non-stop ... keke !!!

after so many rounds of chasing and calling, my pc is finally installed ... New CPU (IBM, he said it's new, but dunno is true not ... seems is really new), non-IBM mouse, old DELL 17" monitor, and old IBM keyboard ... manager was complaining how come they are not new, since she requested for a NEW one ... about 20mins later, the IT guy came and changed them ... new IBM keyboard & mouse ... but not changing the monitor cos, they dun have any new monitor for a 17" one ... i'm the ONLY ONE using a 17" monitor, i guess ...

there are some work for me, since i've got my pc ... manager passed me a file to work on before going home ... since my manager need it at nite to send to US, so i need to get it done before i go home ... because of i'm NEW, and i'm not really familiar yet ... i worked kinda slow ... only get to go home about 8pm ... poor me !!! haha !!!

manager already registered me for a Microsoft Excel training to attend next week ... well, can learn more things, and hopefully can handle it very well soon ... manager went for a meeting about 4pm, and i went home very punctually today ... haha !!!